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  1. GM would you be able to MM $ = dil atm?

    Requesting MM plox

    1. Roasteed


      Cant login into my Staff char right now :(

  2. Connection Failed?

    Yeah seems like the login server is down right now, I wrote nitex already he's going to fix it asap!!
  3. one question

    Sounds fair
  4. 5v5 event times

    all those teams who participated under Fisty's post are supposed to be in the event so feel free to enter
  5. one question

    The price range is around 75-150$ for a 5% Armlet (one element) depends always on the seller
  6. Fish & Buffs working at Ch3

    NItex knows about it and gonna fix it
  7. 5v5 event times

    Also our Team Sunday til 8pm - Server time
  8. 5v5 PVP event

    Leader: {VIP}Roasteed @Roasteed Mate 1: Bon3crush3r @Bon3 Mate 2: DjLoa @timiboy94 Mate 3: Ximena @Ximena Mate 4: Kianni @Kianni OR xIndependent @-Independent- <--------------------- no1 answerd so far
  9. How to team up in BR ;/

    i feel u D: this silence also killing me when i watch it but tbh u go for some 1 1/2 minutes without attacking each other ? idk about that :s
  10. How to team up in BR ;/

    Hey sup i decided to make Bandicam on while doing br cause Azanezz and JupiteRising ff me the round before when i didnt had bandicam on, 2nd time lucky i had bandi cam on and yea video starts about at 0:50- 2:20 where they went full on me which is pretty funny watch self Yea i know im playing without sound and i also got 1 mana pot left Enjoy btw Pls leave a follow there :x
  11. Its just the same with DKSQ, the first DKSQ i do everyday is like 10v10+ with alot geared ppls but once they lose they dont do more dksqs the same thing with br/ptm they apply the first time must fight agains me and they quit... sadface I always shout for DKSQ/Br/Ptm.. its just sad.. and i have no clue how to get those players active else than wasting my dil to tell ppl if they kill me in dksq they get dil for it which is actually sad lol - Maybe there should be a ranked about who won the most dksq/ptm/br and at the end of the month first and 2nd place get something special or idk =o
  12. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    I would Stream those matches if any1 is interrested just need the excact date when the matches gonna happen
  13. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Team Name: Winner Team Leader: {VIP}Roasteed 1.Bon3crush3r 2.Kianni 3.DJLoa 4.Ximena Forum Accounts : @Roasteed @Bon3 @Kianni @timiboy94 @Ximena
  14. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    yea true we need to know when that 5v5 happen otherwise i cant apply
  15. Roasteed Event ~

    Over lucky winner is Kjin in the first round gratz ~