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  1. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    Azure Knight: Zadyz/Kianni Concerra Summoner: Riku (Poisenflora or so :s) Vicious Summoner: Murmaider Segita Hunter:FirePrincess / Shes 13 Segu Reaper: NightBlue Bagi Warrior: {VIP}Roasteed Dragon Knight: Snooki Half Bagi: KingObito Aloken: Djloa / xIndependent Segnale: {VIP}Chrystella Incar Magician: Bone / Tairi Dark Wizard: {VIP}Delac
  2. EXP Event [Complete]

    Great Exp event <3 specially when it gets announced a week before so everyone can participate love it!

    Character : {VIP}Roasteed Class : Bagi Character : {VIP}Delac Class : Wizard
  4. Screenshot Event

  5. Lets be honest Draviss was already there and this change wont help them at all - but what do i know i have everything already
  6. i completly agree with u i see the point behind that they wanna make siege active... mhmmmm but yea i cant disagree with u
  7. Exactly this ring just ruins the balance once again - but everything else good job. Edit : Maybe not since i saw it dont give any resistance - we will see
  8. PvP bet with my dear lord Azanezz

    i know he has gear so stop coming with some bullshit
  9. PvP bet with my dear lord Azanezz

    once i get a reply from him i gonna post when it will happen, also gonna record that pvp for peoples who cant watch - if its happening
  10. PvP bet with my dear lord Azanezz

    dont have DK sorry i got eunjis set for 1 day thats it
  11. I remember u never wanted to pvp my bagi 1v1 with bets but maybe u wanna try my BW we do Bo3 4b - 16b up to u how much u wanna go with let me know @AzaNezz - gm / friend in each other party to see thats all fine

    im down, up to 4b bet, lmk
  13. Independent - WTB/WTS/WTT

    Hey i got a almost Perfect BW Set really good stats could add 1 Armlet with 4% Fire if needed lmk how u decide
  14. Class PvP Rankings

    +1, Compare 2 bagis who play bagi for years so the rating must be high cause cant beat when i can barely play my class, legit answer what i actually wanna say is how many bagis are around who cannot play ? i think the number is higher than 2