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  1. what happened?


  2. Balancing

    I have to disagree with this segu can tank way to much on angelics with their pk resi buff which is up everytime segus just dont use it PLUS their full vit weps which allows them to do the same dmg as a FULL str ak even more ??? this cant be right. but first what should happen is the overall dmg reduce + heal for the same amount or segus will dominate the server once again
  3. Log In.

  4. Log In.

    Hey, u have to create a Game Account, Forum Account is seperate after u created a Game Account u should be able to Login Have Fun and Welcome, if any question u can pm me anytime
  5. Last Man Standing Winners

    @Kianni was about to team with him but this traitor went full on me so i had to kill him and in the meantime kakawatte killed me ._. i guess they teamed pretty sure !!!! NOOBS
  6. Last Man Standing Winners

    @BlazeFury @Kianni Shame, LOL gonna delete post np ven! actually yea i look awesome. Iam on all 3 screens award please
  7. WTS list by Chrystella

    Shes kidding.
  8. bro u there ? server is back ?

    1. Roasteed


      no not back nitex takes a statement to that if its up again i dont know whats happening prolly a ddos

    2. {VIP}Franky


      ohh dam offline nitex :(


  9. Call Nitex plz, my jimmies have been rustled.

    1. Roasteed


      Already did, prolly a ddos towards the server,  nitex gonna fix it asap

  10. GM would you be able to MM $ = dil atm?

    Requesting MM plox

    1. Roasteed


      Cant login into my Staff char right now :(

  11. Connection Failed?

    Yeah seems like the login server is down right now, I wrote nitex already he's going to fix it asap!!
  12. one question

    Sounds fair
  13. 5v5 event times

    all those teams who participated under Fisty's post are supposed to be in the event so feel free to enter