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    Thanks chief.
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    up up
  3. Items

    I was wondering if is there any chance for me to take my scammed items back? Basically ive lend it to a friend/guildmate to try his damage on my other friend. Well he naturally just dc because of his poor net but now. he just dc for 3 hours , then he came back online and instantly quit guild. i tried to pm him but he just blacklisted all my characters and my friends characters. I dont have any proof of our trades. But i have a little SS where he did quit the guild instantly. IGN: Kimnutin
  4. Ximena's OPR Application

    Youre getting it bud!

    +69 my ninja moist GOGO GL
  6. Kimnutin WTB LIST

    pm me ingame pls. IGN: Kimnutin
  7. Kimnutin WTB LIST

    WTB LIST SEGU OSM HELM,ARMOR,BOOTS +10 DN SEGU TERA PARTS+9 BAGI WEAPON 180+10 CLEAN OR 6% TF TB +10. Just a starter trying to buy items. TIA
  8. Returning Player

    See you soon man. IGN : Kimnutin / Deviruchi
  9. I am a dekaron player from phil. And wassup. Say hello at me in game. IGN:Deviruchi