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  1. L3/T3 Drops

    @DevilDildo find me full alo set pls
  2. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Team Name: Dream Team Leader: {VIP}Atlanti Team Members: 1.NovickKreisler 2.Barnabas 3.HazardouS 4.Virginity4SALE Forum name of each player: 1. @Adori 2. @Barnabas^ 3. @HazardousS 4. @koolrool69 5. @Atlanti
  3. L3/T3 Drops

    I remember it drop on Avalon in forest but L3 set drop rate is really low and get it is like miracle
  4. WTT alo set/sb wep

    This is not place for Market things. If you can go post you selling items in Market Section not in Staff Application

    I wonder what will you say if Nitex wouldn't do exp curve...before he did it you get 2.45% on lvl 199 without talisman and lvl took 1 month..
  6. 160 belt armlets drop

    Agree. No 180 skills and all with same sets and accessories will show people playing skills and can teach new players how use their character in the best possible way.
  7. Awsome GM/OPR App

    Maam age is only number Welcome back!
  8. Let's talk about Plumes

    170 are weaker than 180 and doesn't give pkpvp tolerance and crit res so no thank you ser
  9. Let's talk about Plumes

    140 plumes = 2x 50 all stats + 2x 2% pk/pvp + 2x critical resistance yes they are worth their price 170 = 2x 70 all stats (no one selling them) 180 = 2x 90 all stats - they are better than 140 when you are full str/dex etc
  10. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    Wow. Just WoW. Respect for know RULE "forgive but always save SS" xD

    To BabyAms mean Sexy pm him and From BabyAms mean he/she pm to Sexy
  12. Roasteed Event ~

    Good Luck All !! enjoy kill that noob bagi <3
  13. Roasteed Event ~

    Did anyone kill Roasteed 6 times? If no then my price still waiting for Winner till Roasteed's event end Good Luck All. Comeback is always real my friend was great Dk Sqr <3 next time i go full buff not only with Skin xD
  14. Roasteed Event ~

    Bro bro bro you just could kill me because in last 10 mins my ms was almost 1.5k everything 5 sec delay
  15. Roasteed Event ~

    I will do 10$ for someone who kill him 6 times on one dk sqr SS pls with all kills