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  1. Suggestions

    lvl 200 dashes move you further than 195
  2. Suggestions

    If im correctly transup 3 give 60-100 all stats (don't remember QQ) so yea i agree it is worth lvl up to have it. Im not so sure 195 dashes were mistake because 195 dash not help as much as lvl 200 dash. Tbh i used dashes only on alo (maxed) on any other char i havent it maxed and wasn't really worth use them better idea was stun and run than dash. @TwitterX what lvl 200 items are you talking about? New end game set? Nah it could break balance again and tera/osm price will be even lower than now. I would be more interesting in lvl 200 Solo/Pt Dg with some items drop but that have to be something what won't fk up game balance again so lets say...some fragments what can exchange to weps/wings/sets/costumes with OP design but with same stats like other stuff and make it not available to get from dshop just in that dg.
  3. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    wew so i have no idea
  4. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    problem with Ceterballen is that you can't stand close to mob if you want more hits than 2-3...i used it sometimes on my Cs and it hit 5-6 times
  5. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    there is nothing to QQ about thats not stun just decrease speed buff...it doesn't interrupt skills etc skills id love to make more useful: Blade Rain - need dmg increase Poison Blade - DMG increase + casting speed B-Shock - DMG increase Ghost Dancing -Dmg increase Top Blade - i wish this skill have 100% rate chance HP rec now it is similiar to Blood Bats Familiar Spirit - DMG Increase + longer poison dmg increase (3 sec longer) Canine (don't know that skill exact name) - Increase dmg + casting speed + decrease speed Erigol & Gigantess - HP increase + dmg increase cause these 2 pets are cooler than Arrogans and Paranoia One more important part of this changes is Decrease 170/180 skills DMG Lets make Cs great again with oldschool skills not with spam 170/180..and maybe more people start play this awesome class
  6. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Canine should decrease movement speed but here its just dmg (low dmg*) so no sense use it in any combo just waste of time...if Canine casting will be a bit faster + decrease movement like it should do + a lil bit more dmg then its worth use when enemy run.
  7. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    the best joke i heard today
  8. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    ok you broke my heart...no more love for you...but full support idea with 3 meister skills.. I have one suggestion to Seg. Can you increase a bit Blood Hit dmg? this skill is one of not many PK skills seg have so 5-10% dmg more would be good i guess.
  9. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Old La Defense was totally useless against Long range or magic chars and i don't mean only 1v1 i suggested that change cause whenever you tried run on dk sqr to stay alive and hunter or mage attack you then they get easy kill cause even if La Defense was active you received 100% dmg. After change to decrease melee/range /magic damage La Defense active time was increased to 20 sec what made alo immortal in that time with 40 sec cd. Soon after that La Defense was nerfed to 10 sec and 60 sec cd but Decrease all type dmg wasn't removed what made alo avaible to fight in mass pvp and against long range/magic characters. You can say this skill is OP only if you use it in good moment cause 1 min cd is pretty long. As we said before Decrease Damage buff decrease damage 52% with 32% chance rate but if you have high DPS char and you make a lot hits in short period of time this buff will be activated non stop even with that 32% rate. You can look at it when you watching SlitherPuss PTM video there you can notice DD is activated all the time cause of AK fast DPS.
  10. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Don't compare different character DMG on Akris...Aloken hit 30-45k crit on Akris so yea... akris have bigger defense on short range attack than on range attack and resistance on magic attack so i wouldn't compare on shit like that.
  11. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    Bitch please....nice joke loool Alo can easy rekt DW if you know how play. If any char like Ak or Dk or HB will attack Aloken what use DD then more hits = bigger chance DD gonna work. With fast DPS class chance for that DD will work is higher than when alo fight against slower DPS. When aloken fight chars with low DPS then that 32% is pretty low. Everything depend on how fast you hit Aloken. If i remember good Zeshin don't have perfect set like Slither and if SlitherPuss still play on my build then im not shocked Ak do 4k on him (when he use DD). Orginal La Defense decreased only Melee Attack (50%) but it were changed to 75% Melee and 50 or 75% Long Range Attack (magic) as well because La Defense worked only when you was around opponent (5m area) when you was further than 5m then you received 100% DMG. Now it work no matter how far you are.
  12. Poor Hb

    did you at least read my post to half or understood what im talking about (yea my english is not perfect) i know about switching squama and lach but like i said in HB is offense class (at least it should be offense) thing is i can take any char with same set etc as you have and even if i don't know how play that class im gonna rape you xD i know how play hb (with all debuffs stuns and the fastest combo i know) i tried running/waiting till opponet have no buffs but doesn't help xd (and my set was 99% perf with weps)...i even used your OP"tornado" skill back to days when HB was add to global it wasn't broken server...just later they did perfect shit with it xD
  13. Hallo players < 3 :D

    @{VIP}Voudou ser
  14. Poor Hb

    Damn...7-9k dmg? i couldn't make even 4-5k so i wonder how the hell is it possible... Thats my point...people make HB support or semi support class only cause of 2 skills (reflect & stun) I don't know who came with that idea but only looking on HB skills...you can't call class support or semi support if 99% skills are single target... I played HB almost 1 year on global ( but global is not rising you noob lol)...I play when it appear in game and when they nerfed it but i never had problems with it on pk/pvp etc...but when i start play here on HB i stop play after 2 weeks...seriously? HB is offense char not support...give me just one reason why the fuck you make HB semi support class not including reflect + stun + attack buff? I'm waiting for one good reason... You should enjoy PK/PvP with HB and smashing others chars with High DMG and DPS but here this class have only DPS....i don't mean make it 2nd ak hell no....
  15. Poor Hb

    Fast DPS is nothing if your DMG doesn't exist so no matter how fast DPS you have you can't do anything. The thing is when i played HB and i PvP Voudou and not only with him (with my orginal build so not str) i wasn't able to kill him cause of low dmg but when i went full str (no even a single point in heal) my dmg increased 1.5k and my HP decresed 15k. It was before wings with new abnormal res. I fought full str bagi when i was on str build and even if Vampire Dance + Pots werent enought to outheal bagi DMG but HB DMG was outhealed only with pots then don't try convince me to that HB and Bagi DMG is almost same...Maybe im not pro on HB but i know how play it.. I understand some class shouldn't win others but please...Do anyone play HB on this server now? Not counting Sexy and One more from Zero ( sorry forgot nameQQ)?? It's not Hard Class to play result only cause everything what you can do with HB on Mass PK/PvP is stun and run and 1 v 1 this class doesn't exist against Psych Chars...I guess no one want play hard class what have nothing to offer. We can talk all day about it and simply we won't agree with each other cause everybody have some arguments so i stop here. Nah not all. Katar Skills can't be dodge (except one 180 skill) rest is full single target so no matter how far you are you still receive DMG but Falchion skills are fail...