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  1. no log in

    It mean his account is banned maybe Staff mistake or he did something and get ban.. S777 should go make support ticket...
  2. Really

    Nitex should ban himself right now Yea i know it is name hack just kidding...
  3. How do I hit DarkAvatar 9times?

    When your opponent is close enough your Dark Avatar will hit only 1-3 times or even no dmg (sometimes) so don't be suprised when you use DA and it make 0 dmg
  4. Bagi best of them all ?

    you shouldn't undertimate my alo power even when is dead
  5. OPR application (Takeshix)

    Is it the same noob segu i remember?
  6. Bagi best of them all ?

    you hurt me so much right now QQ
  7. Bagi best of them all ?

    Aloken is pretty good
  8. {VIP}Rusty`s Application

    Good luck!
  9. New player guide to Dekaron Rising by Dannyboi

    If you want make donation via Western Union make Support Ticket and Nitex will help you with that but minimum amount is 50$
  10. Goodbye

    Guys don't argue please Thank you all for comments and good words gonna miss you all
  11. Goodbye

    its okay i still love them <3
  12. Goodbye

    I won't back anymore that why i deleted all characters already deleted Dekaron and im looking for something more interesting even if im gonna miss people here Sorry but i have to pass with it Of course i will visit forum sometimes check if something changed but it wont be often
  13. Goodbye

    Hello sluts one more time and last one time. I want to Thanks all on server for fun. I want to Thanks my Friends which where always there. Thank you Voudou for accept my request about complete my TF Weps collection. <3 Thank you [GM]Adori for your events always enjoyed them. <3 I want Thanks Royal Guild for fun even if our relations weren't good i enjoyed PK and PVP with you even if we didn't do it often. It's time to end "legend" about weak aloken Atlanti I hope youll enjoy game as much as i did. One word to Nitex. Increased Players activity not mean there is something to do on server. Numbers are not everything
  14. 5v5 PVP event

    sad thing we wont be able to pvp again Roa good luck and have fun!