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  1. Signatures?

    Wait for @SexyRexy artworks ser his signatures are amazing
  2. Signatures?

    You never know how shit can go so for now lets stay at this point xd ok ok ok here you have one
  3. Signatures?

    Sorry I'm doing it only for a special requests for friends
  4. Signatures?

    Talk with @{VIP}Voudou or @SexyRexy they can make for you pretty amazing signature
  5. Fun PK Battle in Parca Temple

    i wonder how long can you keep it up...but good luck and have fun there as long as it possible
  6. WTB

  7. gaming mouse?

    I still have this Legendary Item in my house on a Honor Place <3
  8. WTB

  9. WTB

  10. Bagi Discussion

    I guess everybody have own small world where they don't let in anyone...so no hate guys...this is chris world no need interrupt him with dreaming or something
  11. WTB

    no thanks i don't want spent $$ I want trade as title say but anyway thanks for offer..
  12. WTB

    no dmg char...im still thinking who came with idea the best PK class with 95% single target skills are for mass pk/pvp and because of that they probably wont do anything with lack of dmg so I'm not up to play char with what I can't kill seg cause easy outheal dmg
  13. Let me do a Selfie to my IDOL.

    now lets wait for someone who kill you and post Ss here....no ending drama...
  14. WTB

    Sooooooo...... LF: Aloken Perfect Tera Set + Red Sig Spear or Light (no blue)with 4x7% light gems+ Red Guard Arm or Light with 4x All Res and 2x Curse Res Gems orrrrrr Concerra Summoner Perfect Tera Set + Red Sig Wep If you don't have what i want then don't pm me... Thanks!
  15. A Photo At Braiken <3

    no it just happen random you never know when it happen but uhm i think 1/1000 times you are teleport there