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  1. T>100% perf hunter set

    No sir im so sorry Just trading
  2. T>100% perf hunter set

    100% perf hunter Tera set w/sb/x2 perf wep = DW same pm me here
  3. T>100% perf hunter set

    No ty i saw his set and its not even perf
  4. T>100% perf hunter set

    Trading My Hunter set perf w/sb/2x wep both perf = DW/VS pm me if interested
  5. Emblem

    Buying body Emblem Blue/Green pm me here ur price
  6. T>100% perf hunter set

  7. WTT

    WTT My VS set 100% perf w/sb/wep full vit= DW/Mage staff/segu same pm me here
  8. B>DW perf set w/sb/wep

    Buying DW set perf 100% with wep and sb pm me here your offer
  9. T>VS perf set

    Trading Vs set perf w/sb/wep full vit = Aloken perf set with wep/GA perf or Dw perf set same pm me here
  10. T>VS 100% perf set

    Trading my VS set 100% perf with SB and Wep full vit = DW same pm me here if ineterested
  11. WTT > DW tera+10 set/wep = ??

    is it perf ?
  12. T>Bagi 100% perf set w/sb/wep = VS

    Im trading my Bagi perf set w/sb/wep for VS perf set wep full vit pm me here for any offers
  13. B>GA perf

    Buying GA pm me your offer need perf
  14. 100% Perfect

    can i buy just the gloves?
  15. S>2handed axe perf +10 sig R

    Pm me here if interested
  16. B>Bagi Perf set pm me

    Buying bagi perf set 100% pm me
  17. B>vs perf set w/wep pm me

    Buying VS perf set w/wep pm me here with ur offer
  18. T>Bagi 100% perfset = VS

    Trading my bagi 100%perf with weapon = vs same pm me here
  19. Buying 5%/10% lightning or fire armlet pm me your offer
  20. Server down again?

    is there something wrong?
  21. Server down again?

    they should at least let us know and not leaving us here clueless. I respect that GM is taking action but a head ups will do so all of us wouldnt ask the same questions all over again
  22. Server down again?

    idk stil down.. sigh... must ask if theres any GM around
  23. Server down again?

    so it is down you cannot log in as well?
  24. B> 5%/10% lightning armlets

    B> 5%/10% lightning armlets x2 pm me ur offer here
  25. Buying either 5% or 10% lightning armlets pm me here