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  1. about pp points

    There's level 170+9 set and accessories at Egutt lvl 160. Farm your set there and you should be fine in dks.
  2. Balancing

    Worst scenario is a CS and BW both killing you. Happened earlier even with dash forward/backward with resist buff and imbibe and lots of candies (can't move even 0.5 inch for like 3-5seconds after the stuns I still cant skill because of silence ) with perfect set perfect belt 3x angelic souls and squama still getting 10k-12k or im just playing my bagi wrong? haha help!!
  3. Where would i go to farm dil

    Shadow Akris at Parca or in Arcadia they give 5m + argates
  4. Can i trade my 100% perf mage set sb w/ perf wand [all max gems] to your alo?

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    2. Funky Gh☯uL ツ

      Funky Gh☯uL ツ

      hahaha I'm sorry but I'm having fun with my bagi right now. I feel like rambo XD so I might not want to trade it for awhile. sorry bro XD

    3. xKorosensei


      pm me when ur bored of that rambo thing bro XD

    4. Funky Gh☯uL ツ

      Funky Gh☯uL ツ

      If u got perfect segu XD

  5. DK ranks

    final rank is elite sentinel
  6. DKSQ Potions NPC

    A soldier without ammo going to war? XD

    Hi bisaya!
  8. Trading Segu/Vs perfect sets/sb scythe/tb=ALO

    bro I have alo set + 2 weps Helm = MP, HP, MP, HP rec Armor & Pants = All Resist Gloves = full Vitality SB boots = All Resist Spear = perfect damage 195 GuardArm = perfect All Resistance The set is almost perfect, only helm is the problem. I would like to trade it to Segu if you want. Mail me if you are interested bro. Thanks!
  9. SELLING 195 LIGHT SigScythe+10 [FS]CLEAN / SEGU BG+9

  10. SELLING 195 LIGHT SigScythe+10 [FS]CLEAN / SEGU BG+9

    ooh hi lizard! thanks bruh. bdw, how much is the 140 plume atm?
  11. as the title say I'm selling : 195 LIGHT SIGMETAL SCYTHE+10 FULL SOCKET [CLEAN (no gem and option)] SEGU BOXING GLOVES+9 I'm accepting DILLS / DONATIONS / 2x TERAGRACE ARMLETS+9 / 2x 140 PLUMES Note: please don't ask how much because I've been inactive in the past few months and I don't know the new prices since the castor is gone. ~~ I appreciate it if someone will tell me how much is this 2 items worth now. Thank you rising!
  12. can u MM sir?

    1. Funky Gh☯uL ツ

      Funky Gh☯uL ツ

      My game isn't updated yet. sec, ill try but not sure okay?

    2. koolrool69
  13. need  MM here at karin pls.


  14. [Poll] Wing Upgrade System

    a 1 year +10 wings?