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  1. SELLING 195 LIGHT SigScythe+10 [FS]CLEAN / SEGU BG+9

  2. SELLING 195 LIGHT SigScythe+10 [FS]CLEAN / SEGU BG+9

    ooh hi lizard! thanks bruh. bdw, how much is the 140 plume atm?
  3. as the title say I'm selling : 195 LIGHT SIGMETAL SCYTHE+10 FULL SOCKET [CLEAN (no gem and option)] SEGU BOXING GLOVES+9 I'm accepting DILLS / DONATIONS / 2x TERAGRACE ARMLETS+9 / 2x 140 PLUMES Note: please don't ask how much because I've been inactive in the past few months and I don't know the new prices since the castor is gone. ~~ I appreciate it if someone will tell me how much is this 2 items worth now. Thank you rising!
  4. can u MM sir?

    1. Funky Gh☯uL ツ

      Funky Gh☯uL ツ

      My game isn't updated yet. sec, ill try but not sure okay?

    2. koolrool69
  5. need  MM here at karin pls.


  6. [Poll] Wing Upgrade System

    a 1 year +10 wings?
  7. Dear InvictuZ, Royals, Zero, Pentagram, and others

    This is exciting
  8. Chakras & Pet

    dude you know you can rebuild chaks for 1 sec. so I think it's already fair.

  10. WTS : Speed Boots +0 For All 12 Class.

    hi bro, when you'll be online? I'm just at mike please pm Vexatious. Thanks!

    200$ is cheap already, msg me if deal. thanks! ~ bump
  12. WTS : Speed Boots +0 For All 12 Class.

    hi man, im online now, could u please go ingame? i have a class 40 minutes later so plss XD Im at karin named NorHanefha . thanks!
  13. WTS : Speed Boots +0 For All 12 Class.

    do you have for segu? If there is, please reserve it to me. I will be online in 5 minutes. thanks!
  14. Patching Problem! Please Help.

    use this http://dekaronrising.com/index.php?/home/
  15. Patching Problem! Please Help.

    If you downloaded the latest manual patch already -- do not open your luncher, instead go to --> BIN FOLDER --> double click DKRISING --> do not interrupt the small box while it's loading edit: Please do not double post, Instead just edit the first thing you wrote. Thanks!