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  1. Server Down??

    Please go to Lurile. Ark is down. Thanks
  2. favorite song to pvp to

    Trap nation or Bass nation in youtube !!!!
  3. .When I See Low Lvl Player

    Lemme borrow that to post in fb. lololol
  4. New Forum Signature [Event]

    hey make me one </3
  5. Application for OPR/GM

    Hey there, just a friendly reminder. To apply for staff, you need atleast the minimum of 50 post in your forum account. You are good and already have an advantage because you have experience being a staff in other game but I suggest to socialize more ingame and in forums so the community will know you better. And ooh, you said you have been playing 10 months to this server but I don't see you around and I'm like online almost a day everyday Edit: Please do not double post, you can just click the edit button. Thanks for applying! Goodluck
  6. My thanks to Staff and Players

    That Sena is so Kawaii <3 I wonder if you made Nitex read all of this
  7. New Forum Signature [Event]

    Sword Art Online?
  8. Check this out! dekaronrising in top2??

    I don't really care if we are top 2 in any sites out there. As long as Rising is active it will be forever number 1.
  9. The Day Voudou Escape The Grasp Of Death

    Nerf seg wkwkwkwkwkwk
  10. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    I think this post is related to the upcoming 1vs1 PVP CLASS Tournament winners.
  11. New player guide to Dekaron Rising by Dannyboi

    Forum and ingame account is separated. Maybe you tried to log your forum account and not ingame account. To register for ingame account, go here :
  12. Sick of AK's

    Segus aren't tanky at all, I'm just using my heal xd

    This is how I arranged my skill bar, it's up to you if you will copy mine but I know that you will not stick to it forever. Because base on experience, I keep changing skill positions ( I DONT USE "1" to "=" keys ) I have my own like Shift+Q for sleep This is just a guide of what skill you need to put your skill points. Hope it help in some ways.
  14. Take A Peek

    Do you have for HB brooooo?
  15. Do you have some cool gamer quotes guys?

    This 1 is lit hahahahaaha thanks beb xD