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  1. DK = DW,BAGI

  2. The Perfect Items?

  3. The Perfect Items?

    140 plumes I believe it is from Cherubim from level 190 dungeon - noticed people shouting LFM 190 DG EXP RUN? if you finished the dungeon and killed cherubim, there is 50% chance that it may drop you a plume best gems for belt? I myself is confused also, other peoples saying 3% pk/pvp gems are better but other peoples saying that 3% critical resistance is way more better so im afraid I cannot answer you that. If you have more questions, feel free to pm me here or join our Discord channel so it's easy for us to communicate. There's a #question channel there, you can ask freely and other players will answer your questions.
  4. The Perfect Items?

    No you cant put Guard gems, they are specifically for helm only. It goes for medial and all resist gems tho you can put medial in (GUARD ARM and AK SHIELD) and you cant put 7% gems in armlet. You can only put +1534 shield gems
  5. The Perfect Items?

    1. yes, you can wear 3 emblems. Doesnt matter if its head or body, as long as you like the style. 2.Groves are old school You will need lvl 180 plumes (upgraded) which gives you +90 to all stats, but there is also 140 plume (not upgraded) It's giving you +2% pk/pvp dmg tolerance and 2% critical resistance. you can wear 2 of them, In my personal opinion - 140 plumes are better since they give extra 4% pk/pvp and 4% crit resistance if you wear 2pcs. 3.Zieg necks are better since you are aiming for damage - you can wear 3pcs at a time. 4.BOW - GLOVES - Dragonic Lachrymae 5.Perfect option for armlets is 5% elemental (gems that you are using in your weapon) Example: 5% fire damage Perfect option for belt would be: (3rd line is either 2% melee damage tolerance or 2% range damage tolerance) (4th line would be 3% damage reduction) 6.Helm - Guard gems +164 Armor - All resistance +105 Pants - Medial +123 Hope it helps, tho Dave already answered xD
  6. WTB 2x 140 PLUME

  7. WTB perfect armlet for aloken fire element 10%

    I have perf belt+9 pm me if you need
  8. DKSQ Nametags

    You can easily point out guildmates who are not attacking each other with video as proof. I believe there's a case like this (not attacking guildies/friends) not so long ago. and -- If you know the rules, you will not dare go inside dksquare then suddenly your mum told you to eat and will shut your pc off if you will not go in like 1 minute and then you afk -- If you know the rules, you will relog your character so you will not be banned. In boosting/dual logging, It's also easy to point out Example: 1 guy at Miseria is not in raid but still getting points
  9. DKSQ Nametags

    you should read the ingame/forums rules. It will help you I promise. 1. BATTLE SERVER (DK SQ / COLOSSEUM) A. Dual Client or more inside the Battle Server. A player who is caught having dual or multiple accounts piloting inside the battle server at the same time will lead to jail. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT. B. AFK. Intentional AFK inside the battle server without the notice of team mates that would lead Team Unbalance is prohibited, if you are caught with at least 3 Screen shots from beginning, middle and last part of the time period or video, you will be subjected for jailing without any warnings. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT. C. Boosting / Farming. Boosting low level rank players, defines as giving them free kills to gain points is strictly prohibited, anyone caught with an SS or Video will be subjected to jailing without any warnings. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT. D. Non agro on Guildies (enemy side). Ignoring and bypassing guildies or friends on enemy side just to let them kill your team mates is prohibited. Anyone caught with at least 2 or more SS and/or video will be subjected to jailing. 1st offense – 1 week, 2nd offense – 1 month, 3rd offense – PERMANENT. and ooh, I said 3 days. I think I still have a heart. Lol
  10. This is Nice !

    I like how long is the battle If that was Rising, 3 minutes and it's done
  11. About my Skill Bar

    You can modify your skill numbers like mine http://imgur.com/a/kQWys go to: Option --> Game --> Change control settings --> Scroll down until you find "Skill Slot Window" and then change the skill numbers to your heart desires --> ok --> apply --> then ok again Hope it helps!!
  12. [Info] Draco the new PK Spot

    Maybe you'd like the idea of "Hell Draco"
  13. [Info] Draco the new PK Spot

    The only problem of Parca is "IT IS TOO SMALL" like 3 vicious summoner Versus 1 party = 1 party dead if caught by 3 Dark Avatars, Hunters are useless they cant kite/run too much. Putting respawn area for Killer or an NPC that set your return point to draco after you died will solve the problem (I guess) ~ Just my thoughts tho ~
  14. DKSQ Nametags

    That is against the rules, if you caught someone who doesn't hit their "friends" or "guild mates" please provide proofs (much better if video). They will be jailed for 3days (1st offense).
  15. WTB 2x 140 PLUME

    UPDATED ~~ May 11 Bumpy Dumpy!!!