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  1. can i ask you something 

    this game was alive?

    cause i want to play

    1. Ximena


      It is alive. Though, you can't compare it with the official server of course.

  2. WTS Donation

    Ser, if yer gonna take this trade, might as well take back yer ORIGINAL CS SET PLS. Nobody wants to buy it from me WTF ಠ_ಠ

    Bump. Someone trade me what I need. Thanks.
  4. Osmium or tera Segu

    A bit off topic, but I'll answer anyway. Heal build is the only way for Segnales to be able to fight because of this one reason: 1. More HP = More Defeat Resistance (less likely to get knockbacked) = More likely to heal and survive ub3r damage. On Segnale, I've tried all builds—full heal, full spr, semi spr, and even full dex—and I can say that there's no other build better than full heal build. I remember one instance in DKSQ, when I was fully buffed with Aloken's green buff, a full party composed of geared AKs, Bagis, DKs, and a hunter was chasing me but they couldn't kill me lol. I was just running and sleeping them for the most part, and their stuns couldn't land because of Aqua buff. That wouldn't have been possible if wasn't full heal build Btw, this is shameless plugging, but if you want to learn more about Segnale Gameplay, check out my guide (see my signature) hahaha. =========== Regarding the original post, don't buy Osmium sets. Go for Tera asap.
  5. pvp tolerance items

    Yes, technically, that's what it means. However, there are many other factors that affect actual damage you receive, including: 1. Classes involved (skill damage multiplier of every class and every skill is different) 2. Damage Reduction (affects both PvP and PvE damage types) 3. PvP/PK Damage Tolerance (only affects PvP/PK damage types) 4. Elemental Resistance (only affects element-based magic/physical damage) 5. Magical Resistance (only affects pure magic-based damage e.g. Aqua Circle, Pseudo Space, Urzer Gain, Gravity Ruin) 6. PvE Damage Tolerance (think of that AK skill - Bounce?) Btw, all of these gets added up as your (total damage resistance). I can't remember how the actual computation goes, but I think the reduction is applied this way: damage reduction > PvP/PK damage tolerance > elemental/magical resistance. Unfortunately, the stat interface doesn't show the total PvP tolerance you currently have. The only way to know is to add the PvP tolerance of all equipped items that give such stat.

    Hi! I have a perfect VS (Vicious Summoner set) trading for similar Incar Magician Set. +10 DN VS Tera Helm (2x HP) +10 DN VS Tera Armor (AR) +10 DN VS Tera Gloves (Full Vitality) +10 DN VS Tera Pants (AR) +10 DN VS SB (AR) No weapons included. I'm not looking for any donations or dils or any other offers apart from a perfect mage set. Please and thank you.
  7. Segnale

    Hi there! Welcome to Dekaron Rising! I'd like to consider myself a decent Segnale player, so let me share my thoughts on this class. On this server, Segnales are balanced and can be decent team supporters if played correctly. However, Segnale equipment is scarce; it's also difficult to purchase armors individually. I must say that before you can fully compete using this class, it'll take time and/or some of your resources (especially if you're quite impatient when gearing up). Having said that, once you've completed your gears, you'll surely love playing the class. If you wish to learn more about Segnale on this server, feel free to browse through my Segnale guide (which is still a work in progress). Let me know your thoughts on this! I wouldn't go as far as saying OP chars can't kill a Segnale. From a realistic point of view, geared Segnales can only somehow survive against full damage build classes (e.g. AK, Summoner, Aloken, Bagi). This is understandable given the true nature and complexity of the Segnale class. However, against players that aren't glass cannon build, Segnales can survive and — under the right circumstances — even kill other classes.
  8. Ximena's OPR Application

    Wait, what? O.O Oh, you just love me so much ser <3
  9. Roasteed's application

    +1 for this fat bagi. Still couldn't chase me in DKSQ tho <3
  10. Want an Incar Magician Class Guide?

    I would love to see an Incar Magician guide. Based on what I have seen recently, there has been quite a number of well-equipped Incar Magician players during the past few months. Having said that, I do agree with you that some aren't just playing the class at its fullest potential even when they have the right gear and accessories. I do plan on making a Mage guide soon, however, I suppose I have to finish my Segnale guide first. Looking forward to your guide!
  11. Accusation with no proofs

    You're too kind with your words ser! Practice PvP? All right, I'll be mostly online this weekend ser
  12. Pls gief mage stoof ty ser <3

  13. Ximena's OPR Application

    Thank you sluts! <3
  14. General Questions What is your main character's in-game name? Ximena | Maleficia Where in the world are you located? I currently live in Manila, Philippines. What time zone are you located in? GMT +8 How long have you been playing on this server? How long have you been playing Dekaron itself? I’ve been playing here at Rising since January 2016. I’ve been playing Dekaron since 2008. What times will you be able to get in game? (Be specific please : Days/Times etc) During weekdays – 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM (GMT +8) Every Saturdays – 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon | 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM Every Sundays – 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon | 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Have you ever been banned, and if so why? I’ve never been banned, but I’ve been jailed in another Dekaron private server (DK Abnormal). I was accused of teleport hacking after I’ve killed a party of 5 people repeatedly in Heiharp. At that time, I didn’t know that there was a GM char’s alt in that party and he got so mad that he jailed me for a month. Needless to say, I never came back there ever since. Even their staff members are abnormal LOL. How much time each day do you spend on the forums, or in game? I honestly spend more time on the forums than in-game (recently). Forums weekdays: 3 hours at most Forums weekends: 6 hours at most In-game weekdays: 2-3 hours In-game weekends: 4-6 hours Can you get on Skype? Yes, of course. Do you have Fraps, or some other sort of video recording software? I have Bandicam and Fraps. Have you had previous experience for the role you are applying for? I used to be a Forum Moderator in Dekaron Fussion as kimian (2011-13) and Dekaron Nemesis as Takius (2010-12). I used to be an Events GM in Dekaron Nemesis as TonsOfFun (2011-14). As you noticed, I did become a staff member for 2 different private servers simultaneously. I was mainly doing it to gain more experience as staff, and not because of espionage or any shit related to that. At present, I don’t play any other servers other than Rising. As a GM in Nemesis, I mainly chased after in-game hackers (vacuum/skill hackers), and held EXP events for the players. Explain why you think you would be a good person for this position. I’m applying for an OPR/Forum Moderator position for the sole reason that I am qualified to become one. As an OPR, it is very important to get every transaction done with integrity and fairness in mind. These are two values that I show even as a regular player. Those who have done transactions with me without any OPR or middleman know what I mean. Even if I never go first whenever I trade for donations, I see to it that the other party gets what he/she needs after the transaction is done. What made you consider this position? I’ve experienced how it feels like to do a trade involving donations, but the other person just doesn’t trust you enough. To make things worse, there’s no middleman around to help me get the trade done. I’ve considered applying for this position because I believe I’ve gained enough social capital as well as credibility in the community. I’d like to be there for when players need someone trustworthy to become a middleman. What would you bring to the community and staff team? I know this sounds cliché, but I’d like to be in a better position through which I could help the Rising community. If given the opportunity to become part of the staff team as an OPR, I could offer my help to GMs who are holding the events. For players, they can expect me to promptly assist them during trades. What else can I contribute? Well, my Segnale gameplay guide isn’t finished yet, and soon, I’ll be making another guide for Incar Magician players as well. <3 What do you expect to gain from this position? I’ll make my answer short. Improved social standing Gain more respect from the community D-shop coins so I can also host events on my own Staff are required to use as excellent grammar and spelling as possible. Are you capable of this? Yes, I am capable. I don’t work as a copywriter for nothing hahaha. Open ended GM/OPR Specific Questions You're throwing a hide and seek event, after 15 minutes you realize you're in a location players cannot get to, how do you react? If ever I commit such an elementary mistake, all I’ve got to do is publicly apologize then restart the Hide-and-Seek event. It’s vital that as staff, I know how to own up to my mistakes so bad reputation will not ensue. Although based on my previous experience as a GM, I usually test all my hiding points using my personal chars. Once done verifying that players can get to my selected spots, I then throw a Hide-and-Seek event. You're throwing a last man standing event, and a group of players are accused of cheating through collusion, what is your response? My response is to never do anything out right, and instead observe and collect as much information as possible before making any decision. When conflicts like this arise, it is a must that I get to see where both sides are coming from. First, I have to ask the people accusing of cheating “proof” or pieces of evidence that support their accusation. Unless they can provide any substantial proof, I won’t proceed to punish the accused. For me, the burden of proof always lies on the accuser. On this note, I’ll keep in mind to have at least 1 or 2 other staff members to observe the LMS event. This is to ensure that I have enough “eyes” to see who’s cheating and who isn’t. When all else fails, I have to trust the judgment of my fellow staff. An angry player has an issue that you unfortunately cannot help him with. When you tell him this, he becomes irate, and starts to insult you. What do you do? I’ve honestly experienced this before as a staff member. What I usually do even if a player starts insulting me is to never respond with another insult. In situations like this, “putting out fire with fire” will never work. Becoming a staff member means you’re expected to be more matured, patient, and objective than regular players. I’ll be the better person and simply understand where this irate player is coming from. All I can give is reassurance that his issue will soon be resolved (most likely by Nitex) as soon as possible. While going about your duties, a flock of players surround you and begin to ask a series of questions and make several demands, assuming you have no urgent responsibilities, how do you deal with this situation? Before I answer anybody’s questions, I have to make it clear that I’ve got some urgent responsibilities to finish first, then I’ll get back to answering their questions. Normally, players will understand this as long as I am able to explain (in the most professional way possible) what I need to do first before I can help them.
  15. Serrr. I am thinking of trading my 140 plumes for your 180 ones + 4b HMMM

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      but why would u even like to have 180 plumes?

    3. Ximena


      because dils hahaha

    4. DevilDildo


      If u had pmed me 10 mins ago...geez