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  1. Server Down??

    yeah it turns out Ch1 down , i am lurile now
  2. Server Down??

    i am in now guess was just a fluke
  3. My thanks to Staff and Players

    +500 Like Demanded to free Chris XD
  4. Server Down??

    All of my chars DCed and cannot log back in
  5. GoZiLa's Shop

  6. Lambo mount

    Imagining bagi sits on the lambo mount , hhmmmm , it will be more like driving gokart stead of lambo
  7. Good mornjng

    Me less than a minute maam , then i walk into bathroom pee pee and go back sleep again XD
  8. GoZiLa's Shop

  9. Bagi Discussion

    Yes sir , still have to swap it manually
  10. GoZiLa's Shop

  11. Hey Boiz

    I was expressing it for U and Riku XD not me
  12. Hey Boiz

    Upendi !!!
  13. Forbidden Technique

    i think what he meant is that mage blocking his shop
  14. GoZiLa's Shop

    75$ donation and accept only donation
  15. Crack Aza V1

    Don't eat it all urselves , share some !!