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  1. Perfect Items

    U mean change the stats? Yes it can be erase by using Alchemist Solicitude purchased from Dshop under Fortify category.
  2. Perfect Items

    Helm : Max Hp or Hp recovery depends on player Armor , Pants , Boots : last option All resistance , the other can be mix Glove : Full Vitality Weapon : Scythe , Orb , Twin Blade , Dual Blade , Staff Full Vitality , The rest increase damage or increase magic damage Thats perfect set in my opinion. Please kindly correct me if i left something out.
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  4. GoZiLa's Shop

  5. Paypal

    U might wanna try erase all your cookie on ur browser. I experienced several times of this case and its settle by clearing my cache and cookie.
  6. Dshop points for Dil

    market price is 1k = 300M , so when you shouted 1k = 200M and still nobody buying or even bother to ask you, most probably people think you are a scammer coz thats way too cheap , there has been several scamming cases these past few days. PS : i saw you shouted and i immediately tell myself this punk is a scammer , i am so sorry for my early judgement
  7. Dshop points for Dil

  8. GoZiLa's Shop

    Sorry bro i prefer dill or donation
  9. GoZiLa's Shop

    Sorry bro i prefer dill or donation
  10. dw accessories

    Np bro , angelic is also useful but since the 180 neckies came out , i never use angelic anymore
  11. dw accessories

    1 slot is always for squama or lacymae 3 slots depends on ur style , neckies or rings , i myself never use rings , cause i need the vitality which neckies give. Neckies element might be differ depends on the enemy u fight , eg: fighting DW use fire neck , segu use curse neck etc etc.
  12. GoZiLa's Shop

    It's {VIP}GoZiLa , loading dekaron
  13. GoZiLa's Shop

    Yes of course
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