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  1. My character got erased!!!

    Probably one of your mate scammed you. Theres no way character delete itself.
  2. Server down again?

    1st sign dude. other signs coming soon.
  3. Vote Coins system

    Not gonna happen. Ever.
  4. Building Amrlets

    Basically it gives them more elemental damage. Considering that you have 4x 7% from your weapon and additional 10% from the armlets. Why not.


  7. WTB < SEG Set Tera +10 {DN} and Wep +10 {DN}

    tera pants segnale +10 with all resist stat
  8. Yeah sold

  9. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    im lucky he is not a scammer one. i got my coins as promised. i had the guts when you said that.
  10. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    nah dude. you know its pointless having proof while losing valueble items. this sucks.
  11. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    and what? i get scammed with proof and not getting my item back. whats the point of having proof.
  12. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    been shouting ingame all day long for 3 days . top 1 dekaron most active.
  13. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    Serious deal. We need help pleaseeeeeeee. SDFadksfkasnfkjwo;jxdlawdawzdwdzadsfadsfadsfcasdf fcasdfadsxfaewfxawefx
  14. Someone come whenever you get online.