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  1. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    Its a no. I know that you traded dils for Dota 2(Another game) items, i didnt report because i dont have enough proof. But anyway, goodluck.
  2. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    im lucky he is not a scammer one. i got my coins as promised. i had the guts when you said that.
  3. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    nah dude. you know its pointless having proof while losing valueble items. this sucks.
  4. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    and what? i get scammed with proof and not getting my item back. whats the point of having proof.
  5. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    been shouting ingame all day long for 3 days . top 1 dekaron most active.
  6. Needing Middleman/OPR @ Karin

    Serious deal. We need help pleaseeeeeeee. SDFadksfkasnfkjwo;jxdlawdawzdwdzadsfadsfadsfcasdf fcasdfadsxfaewfxawefx
  7. Someone come whenever you get online.
  8. Dekaron Rising [Seasonal Event Information]

    You also said that after 3months its tradable.
  9. Dekaron Rising [Seasonal Event Information]

    "(After, it will be available for trade)" -5 rare weapons that are roaming around which is a dumb idea.. i dont know, but i think it will involve money again. it will be sold by some auction(higher bid, gets the weap). $$$$$$$$$$$ by the way, i will wait nitex for the real answer.
  10. Roasteed's application

    I had a deal with him some months ago and he is a legit guy. +1 Deserve it!
  11. Dekaron Rising [Seasonal Event Information]

    "Will receive Twisted Fate Revamp weapon +10 (stats equal to current Lvl 195 weapons) Binded as EXCLUSIVE to the winner for 3 Months (After, it will be available for trade). This prize will only be available for the first Seasonal Event, it will not be included for other Tournaments. " Can someone explain this to me. Another set of 195 weapons will appear? And yet lightsig weapons' appearance are not fixed yet. Or Lightsig weapons will be revamped as Twisted Fate? Not sure. Please quote me. @Nitex
  12. Taking Signature Request :)

  13. Taking Signature Request :)

    Badass background. not gif. and Drakash written on it
  14. Taking Signature Request :)

    One for me ;D
  15. SALE +10 RedSIG BOW