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  1. Hacker/Seller

    After all? @BloodFallen You have guts applying for the game as OPR/GM after hacking and selling items/dils to people = real money? {VIP}HiddenHero, {VIP}SwordsSaint, BloodFallen. Also known as Hesson Crisologo Doble now changing his real name into Matisyahu Serenity on facebook. You scum bag. This man is an admin of one of the page which is "Dekaron Rising: Black Market" Kindly search the page. I dont have links because he blocked me to any of his pages, but I can do send here. He is also known as "James Castor" (Dummy Account). Lots of players knew him and I am one of them I once buy dils from him. You people know what? Why I raise this concerns? Just to warn you guys that this man should not be one of the OPR/GM of the game, he might use his position to make money out of it. You scammed me bro. I entrust you that you will not betray me or what, but what you did proves you that you are one of the evil. Shame on you bro. I have lots of screenshots here and proofs here. Dont worry I will upload them here. You ruin my game and my life bro, so I will. For "Bisaya", "Filipino" OPR there. You can translate our conversation here. I entrust him my items for I trust him like a true friend and never have guts that he will changed my info and stole my items.I didnt wish this to happened, but you're the one who destroying your credibility. I knew his Black Wizard name "Blood Fallen" Since my items and accounts cannot be retrieved anymore, so I will do also destroy you bro. Sorry. You left me zero and I will also left you with no credibility and shame. He reason-out that the account was keylogged but then I saw him selling the items that was lost to xOmega I have proofs now then. Here's the Link: Conversation: (He said to this conversation that the account was keylogged by someone, and his a victim of hacks, but he blocked me on facebook after I found out that my AK account has only 400m left instead of 4b Hahaha. ge gets fun of me, he took the "zero" and put on shops to look like it become 4000000000000 (4b). He think that I cannot notice/see what he did, Nice try bro. Thank you for blocking me here, you got into my trapped) http://imgur.com/TXmRrET http://imgur.com/xbtpXQx http://imgur.com/WPOBmWN http://imgur.com/iediGpW http://imgur.com/E0PP671 http://imgur.com/YYa4xAB Proofs: http://imgur.com/uu1YHpv (My Segu's Inventory before the Hacked) http://imgur.com/nBCkJ2N (My Segu's Inventory before the Hacked, IGN: {VIP}NOBUN4GA) http://imgur.com/Z2A7oaL http://imgur.com/ROGXjUj http://imgur.com/BO20jFt http://imgur.com/iHJwuZP http://imgur.com/Qw99l1q http://imgur.com/aZRVFkk http://imgur.com/hTtni1j http://imgur.com/6YkIc66 ( THE ONE THAT HE SELLING) http://imgur.com/H62QVBC http://imgur.com/UZda8IT http://imgur.com/sTaYpOb http://imgur.com/gsamAbb Dils Selling Proofs 1 (PS. With his dummy accounts and original name on facebook that was recently changed together with paypal) http://imgur.com/X1LtEZC http://imgur.com/49ZNiWo http://imgur.com/Ptm0GO0 http://imgur.com/Umwp39z Dils Selling on his Dummy Account http://imgur.com/0YNozVn http://imgur.com/eLgknhs http://imgur.com/NBSn954 http://imgur.com/5pe87Vl http://imgur.com/CUMcs7N http://imgur.com/Umwp39z and for the Finale ... http://imgur.com/wtjawYM http://imgur.com/Ptm0GO0 http://imgur.com/hTtni1j http://imgur.com/dMuI4Cr You're the one to be judged And to all Rising Admin and OPR who can understand Bisaya words kindly please help me translate to them, I'm sure you understood what we both talking @Nitex Work with this sir, I'm sure later on he will change identity again.
  2. Hi sir @Nitex, good day. I leaved a message at your inbox, Thank you.


    Hi can I call the attention of sir @Nitex or any OPR there? I'm in server Philippines and I tryin' to login my account but it keeps on saying Connection Failed, Please try again. How to fix this one? I have a fast connection and theres no problem with my internet, I can watch youtube and streaming but when I try to login through Dekaron it's always error. Is it a bug or something is wrong?
  4. LOOKING/Trading FOR ORB 180+10 FS.

    Looking for orb +10 180 or trade to L.Gauntlet +10 7% Lightning FS pm me in game. IGN: AMPH3TAMiNE IGN: RippedJeans IGN: GwydionPH anyone whos online , or feel free to comment below, thanks.
  5. WTT/ SEGU TERA to Black Wizard TERA

    WTT> SEGU TERA SET +10 with Weapon Light w/o BOOTS trade to BW TERA w/o or w/ boots w/ weapon I'll just add for fair tradings. Comment below ty.
  6. Trading/Looking for Alok OS

    Bump ^
  7. WTT +10 aloken osm set w/ light weap +10

    Bogus seller, we already have an agreement to trade to my CS set, then we set the time to trade, I waited for him but I see no Elesis in game, rather he sold/trade his Aloken Set knowing that he already agreed and it was already reserved. Tsk, bugos seller people like this should not be tolerated. Sorry, but I was pissed. @Nitex
  8. Trading/Looking for Alok OS

    ^ UP
  9. Trading/Looking for Alok OS

    Hi Rising Trading my CS osm set +10 with db +10 for Aloken OSM sets with weapon and guard arm Just pm either this chars in game or comment in this thread IGN: AMPH3TAMiNE IGN: llAdele


    WTT> CS OSM +10 (BETTER OPTS) WITH WEAPON +10 180 6% GEMS->>>> TO ALOKEN OSM +10 SETS (BETTER OPTS) add me in game: llAdele

    Sorry for the triple post, please merge or delete. Thanks

    Also this. I'm not the only one experiencing this. Hahay.

    See? How bout this GMs'?

    Go, I'm in