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  1. Bagi Discussion

    when you are in your fathers balls i am dreaming of pking you
  2. Bagi Discussion

    well this is what you want and this what you deserve. keep on hitting on me
  3. Bagi Discussion

    I remember when Bone is stll weak im newbie in the server he is my friend, but after he sold his car. the atitude begins to show lol bone is good but you ryuso is a wanna be ready made bagi so.. shoooooo... make a hunter or mage its suits you as fhaggot.
  4. Bagi Discussion

    i killed you with your bagi rocketbunny im still newbie lol you just cant beat me. and you deleted your char useless gay char REMEMber?

    good day, addicts,.the hatters just don't admit co'z they just noob that.. who is the true handsome coz they are ugly . they are still young in the game of dekaron hahaha they make thier names today.. its cool. i am not interested and i dont care ^^ only Independent and danny boi and some legends here appreciates and sensible enough but really in real life i will beat anyone trashtalks to me haha and thats the truth ^^ salute independent the true legend of dekaron rising ..100% skills 100 % attitude , dannyboi keep up the good work bro.. see you ingame no more talk just actions
  6. Rising back in action

    everyday we do this. be active again bone sometimes your missing in action..
  7. Bagi Discussion

    k my mistake didnt know that sorry Gm
  8. Bagi Discussion

    legend independent SALUTE!! the hatters are just chat buid.. cant do nothing in game..
  9. Bagi Discussion

    maybe he doesn't know who am i let me in troduce my self to him danny boi ^^true legends of dekaron don't need chatting..
  10. My thanks to Staff and Players

    if im retarded your a jerk psychotic .
  11. Bagi Discussion

    chat build bagi what you talking about? warning dont get my eyes on you..
  12. Bagi Discussion

    pay to win bagi pmr paypal bagi weak dumb bagi
  13. My thanks to Staff and Players

    its obvoius that a staff is courting a player and casper has a friend silkybugs, silkybugs is not playing because of this . even me i dont hit on casper, just respect for the player.. assuming they are in together, casper is not playing ,, and about my case. your staff is in kpop guild its an abuse for normal players laike me i see in there vindictiveness or revenge.. you have no valid evidence of my transaction. be fair. your like a corruct politician .. well theres my ex[planation..
  14. My thanks to Staff and Players

    some abuse this position staff, players have been in active because of this players or staff in here, abuse, ,
  15. trade or swap bw = bagi