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  1. My 1st Scam ^^

    maryjanes is shouting at ardeca now selling d shop itmes lol go catch him
  2. Bagi best of them all ?

  3. My 1st Scam ^^

    first of all the scammer is not legit player or in his main char, why fall for this??
  4. feet emblem?

    i have , you want?
  5. events on weekends

    your too are the true legends of dekaron .. Independent and dannyboi for real masters of this game
  6. events on weekends

    good morning GM, as I missed the valentines event, i would suggest to have events on saturdays, and sundays, treasure dk square, would be fine. thanks
  7. Vote Coins system

    noob.. did i buy dshop? i told you you must have strategy to play the game. 1 is to forge items to trade for d shop items. you noob. stfu
  8. Vote Coins system

    not going to work the spoon feeding. try to upgrade any items and sell it for d shop.. thats the reward the talisman.. so you can create powerful items.
  9. All Def Gem

    tower. you need segnale and hitter .. teleport to jerome, crack of valley, go inn the portal.. you can just buy to vendors lol its cheaper now go to garrow middle man at ardeca
  10. Vote Coins system

    we have events you just missed it, and you can make a lot of talisman f you have strategy.. me i dont have problems with talisman..
  11. Vote Coins system

    dont fix if its not broken, you guys need to know that players on the server are working or studying. after this month, there will be a lot of players online. server needs a pk place.. not afking on ardeca and selllng stuff.. when i was newbie, a player told me better quit to the server if your not a donator.. i prove that wrong guys.. some may put there money on the game to be strong others just like grinding and fair playing. . i affirm to the good topic..
  12. Dark wizard stat allocation

    i suggest heal type first before battle type, weap requirements then all heal, coz you need heal for lvling.. you can always reset it if you are hi lvl enough..
  13. Newbie

    watch for your lvl and teleport to the proper lvl teleporter makaio or jerome for max xp.. and if your hi lvl enough go deadfront.. always at chain of fire. be friendly in game and add friends as many as you can so that you can ask them any questions anytime okey? got me? you ask for dils to purchase your skills all skill so you dont go back and forth to the skill master. im always at makaio you can see me there.. take note make friends ok ahhahah
  14. Newbie

    look for dannyboys thread , any char would be fine as long as you play it..