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  1. {VIP}Ysamich OPR Application

    thats very expensive. p1 for real lol

    nice ss but you must have more ss .. its clear that you cannot log inn both chars on dk ..
  3. i got little pp last night 50 k full run and on winning team. xp times 2 is on or not?
  4. hi

    thats wild shit.. lol classic scamming .. from dekaron elite to here.. its not gonna work on here lol

    lvl at dead front.. i lvled on there
  6. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    whats your bet? im always on game,. whats your ign..
  7. Awsome GM/OPR App

    yeah gm i sorry for that hehe thats what i meant.. in the game not for real.. more power . give treasure event on wekends coz im free
  8. Segnale

    they are good so much fun see for yourself.
  9. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    i dont know. they are just kids in my area.. they are in school. i don't boss them around . they can do what they want . its there chars. lets pk in game . why dont you tell me your name in there? are you afraid?
  10. Segnale

    so nice even OP chars cant kill a segnale... just sleep and paralyze its so cool , then i like to throw curses too to make the oponent weak ... lol and the skills are awesome i got to make a battle type segnale soon just forging my own items .. my segnales name lisannlii haha
  11. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    okey i know its on the rules and regulations, so your burl, you must know that they are sharing there accounts and they are friends too they buy and sell items, and recently , the password was changed and they suspect blood fallen changed it, we are out of here only gms and staffs can do what they can do on the ticket or the technical support, if he is guilty? then post it here, this is destructive levelling, the application got declined, well im just here to help.
  12. Segnale

    hey, i have segnale. they are useful, they can boost your other chars, and at dk square very useful for supporting hitter and damage dealers , and if your good, you can be battle build from heal build. of course max your items
  13. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    good morning gm, im sorry for the bad words i said, i just dont like some one to be humiliated. nice to see you.
  14. BloodFallen (OPR) / GM Application

    did i sell something on my page? maybe they seel coz they are not playing anymore. well its just an invite. see you in game