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  1. Last Man Standing Winners

    Among all of the bravest warriors of Rising only 3 warriors have been chosen to have survived the ferocious wrath of our very own LAST MAN STANDING BATTLE! Thank you to all who participated and Congratulations to all winners Here are your winners each round Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  2. Today's event have been cancelled due to I am not able to log in to my account. We apologize for the inconvenience, - DKR Staff
  3. [ACTIVE] Cyber Monday + Black Friday Coins Sale

    As Nitex said, you need to post here with your character names.
  4. Some Observations

    Nitex pretty much summed up our discussion. I apologize to Roasteed for killing him since it is indeed a PvP strategy, it just felt like a cheap move to me but it was wrong to kill him. Feel free to camp in my next event!
  5. Blaze PvP Last Man Standing event (LMS)

    We appreciate your feedback.
  6. Party PVP 2v2

    Great Event as always [GM]Ezra!
  7. Wow great update and congrats to our newly promoted GM Independent. Can't wait to go home
  8. 3 vs 3 PT PvP Event

    Congratulations to our winners and thank you for the players who have participated as well as the players who have watched! Winners Runner up
  9. 2 vs 2 Party PvP Event

    CONGRATULATIONS to our winners: Team xIndependent along with Kianni and to our 1st runner ups: Team dIEmyScyTH with Sharafeyah Thank you all for those who have participated and watched the Event Quite a turn out 1st runner up Winners!
  10. [Siege Review] S N O W vs Godly

    Rising players, TEAM Godly has successfully captured the Siege Castle from Team S N O W. Snow put up a pretty good fight, but Godly was determined to keep communicating. After the 1st failed attempt at communicating with Juto, T Godly was able to lock down the inner section of the castle and finishing speaking with Juto. S N O W breached the inner castle and made it to Juto, but with only 30 seconds left on the timer they were unable to kill the talker..
  11. RISING 3 vs 3 Party PvP, DK Square Events

    Really don't appreciate your stupidity on my thread. I'm only going to warn you once.
  12. A big shout out to all who participated and watched our 3 vs 3 Party PvP Event! Yet again it was a massive turn out and fun event for everyone. We had 7 entries!!! I would like to say thank you all again for continued support to our server. A HUGE Congratulations to our winners: Team Ger(Ostfriesen) ft. {VIP}Archy And to our Runner ups:- Team TSP Massive DK Square Event turn out as always Team Ricchez Team Miseria
  13. R I S I N G - 1 vs 1 Class PvP Tournament