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  1. Applying For GM

    Typical peenoise.
  2. Thinking about returning

    ser tera now is like 4b per piece, so cheap
  3. WindyWaves GM application

    i just saw this player week ago and now applying an opr wow you got lots of balls in there
  4. Ximena's OPR Application

    dayumn, thoght you were a foreigner
  5. Sig Weapons/Tera Glove

    how much that spear in dills give me price
  6. Nitex

    I dont see the challenge on this game anymore, why would you update such things? To easier geared up for newbies? So many people will play? That's not good sir Nitex you are only doing this for those newbies not for everyone. Your game is going more easier this server was once more exciting and grinding and challenging to play and now its getting more and more boring. Let the people admire your game sir its not like you' re gonna update such as dropping +7-+9 just because those newbies are having hard time to get geared let them farm, give them a hard time let them achieve their goals. those 130+9 items is enough sir but dropping +9 is not really good especially now is easier to upgrade to +9 without using talisman. the other (2 bosses ,draco, etc) was okay but u should do more concern putting up some new dungeons. I hope in the future tera+9 will not drop in arcadia or any bosses. Well this is just my only opinion anway so feel free to bash me (Sorry for my grammar)

    Need MM at Mike
  8. Account info

    i agree with the 15x set and weap+9 instead of 17x
  9. obviously i am, my point is to remove that 170+9 items and bring back the +0 drops in dravis field
  10. dropping +9 170 items lol i hope this will not turn into Zan Dekaron ser, those newbies really need to farm their own shit its not like you are giving them free. cause we were busting our ass farming our own gear remove that please
  11. Jerbo {OPR} smh

    i think nitex meant that you called jerbo "old af" haha
  12. I dont think so sir, cause most of the people here including me bought dshop wings because of their options. thats why you cant buy it in dills because it has very good opt than the ordinary wing.
  13. So whats the point of buying dshop wings now?
  14. WTT 2X 180 PLUME+2B

    = 2X 140 PLUME