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  1. Suggestions

    I agree with the removing of Osm+7 drops
  2. Seou's Patch Preview

    Yo. add some new dungeons/maps that are farmable, tbh im sick and tired just doing vending and afk, I love this game and I don't wanna quit like my friend did last month
  3. WTT>CS almost perf

    do you still have 3% fire? I have 3% poison dn
  4. Stupid little shits , took the advantage of the power as a GM then jail people when there alts getting killed what a joke and calling theses people that "QQ in FORUMS"?????? the one who QQ here is this guy @Disturb you are more like 10 years old motherfucker defending the rule that isn't even exist here , PK is natural in DEKARON this is really disgusting you should be ashame of yourselves!, GMs y'all bunch of cunts!
  5. About my Skill Bar

    this is not Dragon Nest moron
  6. the thing is nobody has a balls to fight you especially when you are teaming up with like inde,bone,roast.... tbh this will be dead map also.
  7. This is cool

    saw these bagis back when 2014 i think, they were vending at wmb
  8. Caspercass

    cause i want to know, jesus
  9. Sick of AK's

    scuse me but Bon3 was only complaining about the DPS of AK why there so much argument here
  10. Caspercass

    question is, are you a legitly woman? please prove it
  11. Chris Get Good Please

    He could kill the summy but he was just afraid of the chakras and die
  12. Sick of AK's

    This is true, segs are already OP with 3 sleeps how much more if nitex improve their casting skills NOPE NOPE NOPE.....
  13. Sick of AK's

    +100 especially like Kianni,Coka and Asmo. Need 1000 people to kill them in dksq

    but she got no tits :/