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  1. My thanks to Staff and Players

    You're just as retarded as ever, aren't you?

    It was a tough battle indeed. Well deserved.
  3. Hello

    As you all know, Enigma an InvictuZ recently left this server to go play somewhere else. We made a terrible mistake and we'd like you all to know we are returning. Zero, Royals, noobs, and the rest of the AFK Ardeca squad watch out. We are returning to own you all once again! If you ready to get owned in PvP or PK, just let me know. We are ready to take selfies Signed, Draco Queen and King Tsunami and AzaNezz
  4. Ximena's OPR Application

    I'm going to co-sign Ximena. He's the 2nd best Mage on the server behind me. That alone is worthy of GM status.
  5. Roasteed's application

    I am going to co-sign Roasted here. I've said it before and i'll say it again. Roast was one of the very few people on this server trying to keep things alive. Respect him as a person and he's a great player. Eventually i'll beat him in PvP.
  6. WTS Mage, Seg, Hunter, Bagi Sets!

    ok everything has been traded, pleasure doing business with you all. take care my friends of rising, message me here if you got any questions Tsunami out Close topic!
  7. Want an Incar Magician Class Guide?

    Mage guide, press 1-9 with full dshop
  8. Accusation with no proofs

    Hope you aren't referring to yourself as the beast

    Omega is a great candidate. After talking with him, I could tell he was very passionate about the community here and wants to bring back that excitement we had in 2013-2014. Highly suggest you hire him @Nitex!
  10. WTS Mage, Seg, Hunter, Bagi Sets!

    staff apps are open, maybe we should apply
  11. WTS Mage, Seg, Hunter, Bagi Sets!

    Enigma has moved on I'm afraid... But I'll give you a nice discount
  12. WTS Mage, Seg, Hunter, Bagi Sets!

    No wars no point for me to play here Have not updated this list in a month...Forgot it was here. Got some new stuff traded and for sell! PM me offers on perfect mage sets, +10 wands, and more! Cheap prices!
  13. WTS Mage, Seg, Hunter, Bagi Sets!

    Can't log in and afk forever
  14. [08/01/2017]Siege Madness

    hard fought battle, congrats. ike will have a lot of work this week for the emblem list.
  15. Hello

    Welcome Carlot, I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  16. Miss The Old days

    pvp abas Hes too busy on PS4 now
  17. Miss The Old days

  18. Miss The Old days

    He's not necessarily referring to new players with this statement. Look at the players who are geared already. Why do they spend all day in a safe zone instead of congregating in a PK Zone like they used to do? Most of the PK on A3 servers happened in Heiharp. because that is where people gathered. They didn't need any reward or incentive to go do it. It was just fun to hang out and fight.
  19. Miss The Old days

  20. Miss The Old days

    This also isn't going to work. Never mind the fact that it is very easy to rank now, many older players have started creating new characters with their +10 sets because they get nothing from DK SQ on their main. As Summkid said, new players need more solo-able content. Having to rely on others and decent gears to survive is not good.
  21. Miss The Old days

    More level ranges would be effective IF: 1. We had a player base to support it 2. Leveling wasn't super easy This is why both AzaNezz and myself suggested we not only make it easier to GEAR, but also make it easier to obtain GP/PP. There's too many things in this game dependent on having other people to play with, DK SQ is one of them. If it's dead, you can't farm. If you aren't geared, you get killed in a second. Too many barriers preventing players from getting the things they need. So this goes back to some of our original suggestions. Why not have a GP/PP DF? Why not increase PP in Crespo Abyss from the bosses and Mobs?
  22. Miss The Old days

    Fresh blood needs to gear. It's going to take time. Just think of Dekaron like a sport. You are going to have some periods of time where the new talent in the league has to develop. As the older players retire, the new guys take over. The last five months in rising, that hasn't been happening. Older players have steadily trickled out while new talent hasn't developed. The return of some older players helped to fill this gap, but it's not enough.
  23. Miss The Old days

    Is anyone going to be honest in this thread? Lol. DK SQ ain't packed like it used to be because the main people did it either quit the server or don't log on for anything except siege. Y'all are totally overthinking this topic. Who were the two biggest guilds 4-5 months ago? Godly and SNOW. Where are they now?
  24. WTS Mage, Seg, Hunter, Bagi Sets!

    Gone Fixed