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  1. Any Action?

    buff for us? with negative effect? then it seems like it has no effect at all.
  2. Any Action?

    Really? o.O but why the effect tells that " Weaken" "Decrease Critical Rate" gez. its really NEGATIVE sir. it should be in the enemy/target not by your self QuQ.
  3. Any Action?

    hmmmm it tells that it will debuff to the target, then why should i click my self? should i debuff myself? O.O(it has a negative effect LOL.) i know it will work on me but there is no effect on the target. Good for you.... but most of the DK's charge Diss wont work. and they said that it will depend on the "MS" o.O
  4. Any Action?

    Any Action about the Critical Egis of Dragon Knight? still doesn't applies critical rate debuff to target. >.< Also Charge Diss 90% wont work. >/< Please do an Action on it.
  5. Tera VS set sb & wep +10

    are you in game?
  6. Mitera then go to Arcdia
  7. you can get 180 Zeig from the Red Dragon at New map

    Morning No, there's no way to transfer Dshop wings to other char. you need to buy new one for your char. then dont worry if you dont have Dshop wings remember Dshop Wings or Not it has same option.
  9. WTB/WTT

    Please move this section to Market ty ty
  10. Shaura's Shop

  11. Shaura's Shop

  12. Shaura's Shop

  13. Shaura's Shop

    SELLING PERFECT OSM SET W/195 WEAP,SB AR [MAGE] (SOLD) ALMOST PERFECT OSM SET [NO WEAP] [VS] (SOLD) HUNTER SB +10 AR 195 ORB +10 DN (SOLD) 195 WAND +10 DN (SOLD) 195 STAFF +10 DN (SOLD) BUYING DK TERA Helm +10 DN 195 Hammer +10 DN DK SB +10 AR Leave a Message / Offer
  14. My Trade List _ Perf

    VS = DW sir
  15. WTB Bagi Set and weapon Dn Full +10

    dont want DW?