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  1. Hi Champs :D

    next time seri
  2. Hi Champs :D

    Hi Fans :* lab yo all EZ.
  3. Hi Champs :D

    Ok im Done Warning Warning WAHAHA
  4. Hi Champs :D

    Hammered?Eunji? or maybe your just absent when i rekt them
  5. Hi Champs :D

    Eunji? ok ok ill wait
  6. Hi Champs :D

    30mins? thats straight seri 2-0, and you just have your reasons.
  7. Hi Champs :D

    Good, but wait Inori told me that if i participate in tournament and with this la he wont join. o.O
  8. Hi Champs :D

    1 Time?????? best of 3? sooon it will happen :D, my own luck? we got 2-0 straight okbye.
  9. Hi Champs :D

    wahaha you think im lag??, seri i think its you who is wooden pc.
  10. Hi Champs :D

    wahahah Really? we can try it now with bet
  11. Hi Champs :D

    wahahaha ok student , you saw it right? did i use candies?
  12. Hi Champs :D

    sure but its already Edited Student.
  13. Hi Champs :D

    Really? dumb ass.
  14. Hi Champs :D

    nah im lag ser wahahahahah
  15. Hi Champs :D

    Told me to post it here huh. https://scontent.fmnl8-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t35.0-12/18697667_1818621678453922_117490686_o.png?oh=75d62ee860266d95be352ba3880c3fcd&oe=59298054 More LAG more REASONS