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    Dont Want DK ?

    WTT/S +10 DK TERA SET [Random] w / Perf. SB , Weap = Offer
  3. 600,41

    Server Down Atm?
  4. Atlanti OPR Application

    +1 Babe <3 Mwa :*
  5. Connection Failed

    Can't Login QuQ
  6. Installation of the Game

    trying to open the game :3
  7. Installation of the Game

    How can i fix this Atlanti / Love ?
  8. Haiii sers just for fun :D

    Hi Sir dont want to kill ur VS i just want to kill this EZ AK TY.
  9. hey someone telling me that im scammer QuQ

  10. QuQ

    need to report this i dont wanna be in trouble. QuQ the story was in parca he's killing 2x Shadowkris and then I pk him , after that he just telling that im a scammer hmmmm " PK is just part of the Game" but telling that im scammer? gosh its another stroy. huhu ;/ Help me Thank you :0 And his using 2 char to shout in game that im scammer QuQ and this Aloken : oOiIIBERSHKAIIiOo also telling me that im scammer .
  11. Buying

    B>> DK SB +10 Clean = 2x 180 Plume or 140 + 180 Plume
  12. Selling

  13. Selling

    S>> +10 TERA VS [A] Clean = 180 Plume / 7b S>> +10 TERA DK [P] Clean = 180 Plume / 7b S> +10 TERA DW [P] Clean = 180 Plume/ 7b