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  1. Costume Gone

    make a Ticket support, your Character name , Class , Name of Costume
  2. Costume Gone

  3. Costume Gone

    same as here , I already send a message to nitex what happened. @Riku Noctis-XIII☪ heyyy im just sitting near jordan then got dc when I logged in back costume just gone, im not farming in balance channel.
  4. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    All I can say is "We All have different BUILD" + Dshops, that's why there is no balance .
  5. Dekaron Rising Balance Part 1

    DK needs nerf? you sure bout that? how?
  6. @akxfolife talk now seri, why you jailed me ok?
  7. +1 they said its harassment, o.O its 100% PK server,
  8. hahahah nice try
  9. @akxfolife problem?
  10. Go make safezone draco plss if thats the case. WAHAHA
  11. Hi Champs :D

    next time seri
  12. Hi Champs :D

    Hi Fans :* lab yo all EZ.
  13. Hi Champs :D

    Ok im Done Warning Warning WAHAHA
  14. Hi Champs :D

    Hammered?Eunji? or maybe your just absent when i rekt them