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  1. Upgrade Squama and Lach

    Hi in that case no need to change the requirements on upgrading the squama and lach. it must have a challenge to get the requirements. I know PTM/BR are not that so active, just try to be patient on it
  2. Shaura's Shop

  3. I'm..

    i will wait on that men Enjoy rising
  4. GM/OPR

    Dont Spam please just wait for GM/OPR.

    thank you very much you can teleport it in Makaio

    Hi, Good evening for me i would like to suggest in Space of Pilgrimage, btw, nowadays Gold argates are very low drop rate so be patient , I suggest to make an Vicious Summoner so that you can lure more mobs, more mobs more chance of GOLDS Hope this my help you
  7. Equipping skills

    Men PM me in ingame ill try to help you men >>Snooki
  8. Crack Aza V1

    Repost the 3rd please ^-P
  9. I'm..

    Woah "_+ welcome men hope to see u in game and get rekt
  10. Hi, I'm new here

    Welcome men. its for fun in Rising men
  11. May take a Break/temporary/Forever

    Bye my friend
  12. Back

    Welcome back
  13. Any Action?

    buff for us? with negative effect? then it seems like it has no effect at all.
  14. Any Action?

    Really? o.O but why the effect tells that " Weaken" "Decrease Critical Rate" gez. its really NEGATIVE sir. it should be in the enemy/target not by your self QuQ.