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  1. Dekaron Rising Class Finals (Videos)

    tq w3k.
  2. As we leave in this server.

    I would like to thanks @Nitex for helping me how to solved dekaron errors and accepting me in this game. @Riku /Husbando thank you for the good fights you gave to me I didn’t expect that we will be friends after all xD, thank you for that Trash talks “Snooki master of Lag”. @[GM]Fayth also thank you for jailing me xD but it’s okay I still love you no problem: D Thank you for the helps . @Bon3 Menn thank you for the fights :D, @Roasteed/Fatty Bagii, @Chrystella thank you for trusting me to become a DK champs I didn’t expect that you will vote for me, also thankyou for the good fights :D, myy bebbb <3 thankk youuu :D. And to all my Basher’s/Hater’s xD thank you thank you: D you make me alive hehe. @Adori thank you thank you Cool GM , @Ynabelle good bye </3 you don’t have snooker now you can find another snooker: D (Maybe), I almost forgot @akxfolife Thank youu As we leave in this server I hope this game will be more active in PK, PVP, PTM. BR, WAR, Siege, as long as OLD players. “If someone leave, someone will come” Good bye and thank you for everything , God bless I’m proud to be part of this server. Royals, Pentagram, S N O W, KPOP Thank you for a good and appreciated war Garuda ,Red ,Samurai, Zero, Thank you for helping in War's Move this section to Dekaron Drama xD
  3. Back To Dekaron

    New rekt Elcum back
  4. Djloa Bloopers !

    Expectation vs Reality SHH
  5. new wep

    they are coming in rising soon.
  6. Screenshot Event

  7. Screenshot Event

  8. Mcole

  9. Maw d ka balik duwa rising?

  10. PvP bet with my dear lord Azanezz

    Wow it seems like you know that Aza is Gearless now so you posted this. Cool drama. Aza quit already and now you are asking for this kind of drama? funny as fuck!
  11. PvP bet with my dear lord Azanezz

    okay okay
  12. PvP bet with my dear lord Azanezz

    Hey Roastyy have DK right? we can do 1v1 with bet if its okay to you

    Its 2am in GMT+8 not 4am, 4am? siege done lol
  14. Hi Tera armlet and belt or Tear gears can be found in Arcadia (Jerome>Mitera>Arcadia ) also in this map you can get 195 Weapons (Blue) (low drop rate ) and what monster? Tera gears like armlet,belts,sets will drop at (lower part of the map) or we called it "Ghost Spot" and the 195 weapons are in Kamats, Kamats also drop Tera sets (upper part of the map).Then making normal items to Divine noble? you need to have the requirements such as (Mavrics), there are 3 kinds of mavrics (Red,Silver,Gold) Red is for 2line Magic and Silver is for Noble and Gold is for Divine Noble and including about socketing items you need crap gems (1bag crap gems = 20m) so easy to get. You can socket or make an options of your items in "Carmen" (Near pablos in Ardeca). Hope this can help you thank you and enjoy the game Godbless Free to ask something just PM me here or Ingame
  15. Costume Gone

    make a Ticket support, your Character name , Class , Name of Costume