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  1. The coolest bug i ever encountered

    This usually happens when the person u pvped in ptpvp dc. U somehow gets teleported to loa
  2. close

    thanks to me people now knows that ur axe aint worth shit its better with random option and now ur dream of fooling people that ur axe is so great has ended. i already ended the convo but u still keep on comming im really done. I wont reply anymore to any of ur BS
  3. close

    why u gonna be so sensitive? i just told him the infos whats wrong with that? u making this a very big deal. read my comment again was there something so offensive about that. without the random stats man we all be on perfect sets right now (imma let u be, cause u might not let me live)
  4. close

    me giving a heads up to someone i know about what hes going to buy/trade makes me a punk huh? anyway i just wanted to let him know about the stats info not to BS u, i dont have rights to dictate u on ur prices cause u own those stuff. i would love to see u play
  5. close

    but but but uhhhm. i just said already that u can get increase damage + crit with the increase damage stat dawg. think of it as a promo 2 in 1. while ur crit stat axe on the other hand is a bum
  6. close

    im just giving a heads up to my bro. Cause ur axe aint worth the way u think it is. enjoy
  7. close

    so do i get paid for the info? mail me wkwwk
  8. close

    @{VIP}Voudou u do know that Increase the damage is the perfect stat for 2h axe right? cause increase damage already adds up to ur crit . so u basically has crit and increase damage at the same time. 2 in 1, while crit stat does nothing but adds on crit stat only.
  9. Really

    how would u explain all the mobs missing time to time and Sb boss doenst spawn anymore
  10. Really

    Dude arent u that guy that wanted to be gm so rising could have peace from cheats? and now youre spamming threads about resetting maps cause theres no monsters u trolling nitex too much, People already know that he cant do nothing about you, You too good, youre a god already. but what does it benefit u? dawg its not funny anymore. U need to get a job or better get a life
  11. Anoying Hacker/Cheater

  12. Bagi best of them all ?

    New class meta smh.. This aint dota where u go discorver new item builds for ur char, try new skill builds.U go pick ur character and make ur own meta, u gotta test ur skills and read what they do if they kb/silence gives u status buffs or whatever. Then u stick to what u know and maybe get some infos from other players. U need to understand what ur character is capable to do and what it cant. Following trends or what u call meta's in these types of games makes one of those people who are called "basics".. People who come and go. But if u want to be known u need to be an OG
  13. Bagi best of them all ?

    Then go bagi end of story.
  14. Bagi best of them all ?

    AK the best all around in terms of Pvp/Pve. they even get boss aggro most of the time. idk about farming though
  15. My 1st Scam ^^

    U naive kid. U cant bring any server down with scamming son.