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  1. Building Amrlets

    stacy near ishtar. then select dragon bone, and then u select alchemist protector.
  2. Building Amrlets

    protectors it protects that stat that you want keep from being erase when u fail optioning, u can buy it on the shop, but i dont recommend that, just buy dragon bones from people its way cheaper and exchange them for protectors
  3. Helllllo

    thats all i gotta tell u. better wait than regret. should have ask someone to mm u guys, like someone whose well known by everyone. atleast someones gonna back u up on reporting. hahahaha must spend a lot of time uploading those pics.
  4. Helllllo

    Always remember that rushing always results to regret, and good things happen to those who waits. been in this trading business for a long time. people would trick you, even use alts to fool u. even shout for items they dont have just for u to bite into their trap.. u aint getting ur dils back yob
  5. Building Amrlets

    ahhh, im 50/50 on this, i mean if u have the money to make it. but id say no/yes. its not a really big boost.when ure good at ur class u wont notice much at all. but idk, i remembered i had 6% fire armlets before on my segu and then i got 8% curse. not much of a difference and this too yea. pretty easy if carmen loves u, but easiest armlets to make are fire, idk why
  6. Building Amrlets

    u erase the stat that u dont want with alchemist solicitude like when ure optioning ur weap. anyway 10% armlets gives u 1k more damage. thats it
  7. L3/T3 Drops

  8. L3/T3 Drops

    try python castle
  9. always get decent dksq this week. i think ur timing is wrong, cause last time i saw u shout for dksq it was 1 am in our time

    bump bump
  11. Again atleast we get decent dksq right?
  12. Belts & Armlets

    u done sending those poison armlets? ty.. send it to my aloken, ill be at emb waiting for it
  13. Siege Battle

    hmm, if i had a lvl 3 guild i would have applied. easy castle and emblem

    bump bump