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  1. Hell Gatekeeper

    Cause he's obviously the hacker duh. He thinks that we are kids. Look at his comments visit his profile. He made that account just to comment on reports. Does this makes u famous? What do gain by doing this? I think u lose more than u gain, u waste ur time for nothing u could have been doing something else or maybe this is ur fetish. I guess ure a weird fuck. Surely ur life is fucked up
  2. they nerfed mage too much from being one of the best class to worst class. mage was once OP cause of the shield duration/cooldown no one complain abiut their dps. u just cant kill mages before. peoples worst nightmare at dksq 1 OP mage can change the outcome. fuck its even hard to kill a newbie mage before. and everyone wants mage, but now nobody wants it

    what a stupid way to die Peace
  4. U choose both sets has still the old gems on them Pm or leave a comment if ure interested
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  8. Hacker in Arcadia

    I mean he comes here commenting on this thread with his forum account only having 3post. Its like the old saying. The criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. Or maybe hes new and just starting out and saw this thread while hes strolling the forum. Just maybe (I doubt that) edit: its lik he made his account just to write something on this thread
  9. Hacker in Arcadia

    i bet its u
  10. Hacker in Arcadia

    its jerbo. he doubled cross nitex. hes been spamming hes skype acount along with his fb selling hacks. he even uses nitex name to flood the world chat
  11. {VIP}Skylander want to be opr

    +1 to this guy. one of the few best players on this server, very nice and very easy to approach. and also helpful. if u ask him about his builds he wont think twice telling it to u, even tell u his secret techniques. probably they aint secrets no more lmao anyway good luck bro.