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  1. {VIP}SexyRexy20 GM/OPR Application

    A li'l edition to my name has been done because earlier, using my dils I bought 2 {VIP}tag for my characters to a donation seller. HB: {VIP}SexyRexy became {VIP}SexyRexy20 and DW: SexyRexy became {VIP}SexyRexy.. Hmmm, my pleasure to help you guys. Thanks!
  2. {VIP}SexyRexy20 GM/OPR Application

    I'd like to help though.
  3. {VIP}SexyRexy WTT List

    Bump. Edited..
  4. Class or skill balancing suggestion? Post it in here!

    I'd love to hear upgrades for Half-Bagi. Considering the most powerful class back in the old days that was nerfed countless times, I bet HBs really need some boost. From the previous HB boost, it was apparently OP (like Ninja) +10% damage and +Attack Speed to HB's some massive skills. Unfortunately, they reverted it back and then nothing comes next to it. I hope, you work on it... It ain't about convincing other people to switch to the fallen class of the game but to revitalise the excitement of the people who used and still using them till now. Dealing w/ other characters who got same gears (nevermind the options) . . . Observations keep falling to same result = HB's progress are way too far from them.. Whether you know or you don't know how to use it . . . . still ---- RIP xD... #But no matter what I'll still wait for the boost.. #HBLoverForever <3
  5. BR Keeps Getting Better From Time To Time <3

    Actually, it ain't makin a name LOL.. I'm tryin to show them how exciting it is to participate Battle Royal, especially those newly geared players who just came to the game.. #PUSHTheBattleRoyal & Party Match BR!!
  6. {VIP}SexyRexy20 GM/OPR Application

    Time to time Active as hell.. Come back to the game now LOL.. You're too busy making money LOL, have some fun sometimes, Deka can provide that *^_^* Old Player? You mean : From Tactics As REIN to Pentagram As Ybarro30 to BROTHERHOOD & UNDERSIEGE As xGun & At last, Enigma & Godly As {VIP}SexyRexy... xD
  7. {VIP}SexyRexy WTT List

  8. BR Keeps Getting Better From Time To Time <3

    Hihihi.. Nobody's God in game bro.. Sometimes we're the last one to stand at the end, sometimes we died before we can get some kill. Life's cycle in this gaming world especially Battle Royal :D.. Fun is what it gives to me.. As of March / 18 / 2017, 8 pm in my timezone, I was able to record some video again during the BR event.. <3 <3 <3 Let's keep pushing Battle Royal guys.
  9. {VIP}SexyRexy20 GM/OPR Application

    Thanks man! Cool! OP SEG!!
  10. {VIP}SexyRexy WTT List

  11. BR Keeps Getting Better From Time To Time <3

    Thanks Guys! Let's keep pushing BR & PTM so that fun will be w/ us ... DKSQ as well
  12. {VIP}SexyRexy20 GM/OPR Application

    I got my own style though XD . . Thanks! Babe!!! <3 . . . Just come back to the game and join DKSQ always
  13. It's been 4 straight days I've been participating BR around 8pm in my timezone and I love it. To those who once say that BR is dead, you guys were right ----- but, come now, let's nurture the awakening of the exciting event we used to line up for back in the old days! Got some cute clip during the battle inside.. <3 Once again, Battle Royal's alive!! March/18/2017 The most exciting part of the said event is to escape death from the hands of predators around. I failed though XD.. Watch! ROFL (Predators' Prey Part 1) Again! Died from the same hands XD. Dummy Dark Wizard! (Predators' Prey Part 2) Hope you enjoy this guys! Let's keep doing BR.. People's thirst for action will be addressed
  14. {VIP}SexyRexy WTT List

    Bump. Edited...
  15. {VIP}SexyRexy20 GM/OPR Application

    Being honest, I love it... Sounds like I am, I want it that's why. Farm days are over, this thing will be a new journey that's why I'm pushing it. I don't want to expect when there's nothing to expect you know what I mean. It's hard not be desperate when you're passionate about something. If I ain't qualified then notify me so I'll stop expecting right away. Reject or Accept will not change anything though, I'll still be active like before. Thanks for your feedback. Appreciated it. I'm always cool you just don't know hahaha..