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  1. Trade/Sell

    100$ ser...its hard making AR on GA...
  2. Trade/Sell

    Just pm me ingame...its me also xThreat...
  3. Trade/Sell

    My IGN is VeeEyePee...
  4. Server Down!!!

    Nvm, server back now. Thanks.
  5. Server Down!!!

    Sir @Nitex, any news why server is down?
  6. Server Down!!!

    Dced from dksqr and cant log in back, connection failed.
  7. Trade/Offer

    TRADE 10% FIRE Tera Armlets = 10% CURSE/LIGHT Tera Armlets OR you can give me GOOD OFFER...
  8. hi

    Error occured bro
  9. hi

    ok ty...
  10. hi

    whats the title on youtube? ill watch it also...
  11. Buying

    Is it lvl 170 or 180 necks? I need the lvl 180 ones...
  12. Buying

    Want To Buy : 4x +123 Medials 4x +105 All Resistances 3x +9 180 gold, red, light, purple necks All for $ pm/message me here....
  13. [Patch 12.9] Costumes, Siege, & Bugs

  14. Trade

  15. Trade