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  1. Connection Failed?

  2. Connection Failed?

    I was dced and i cant connect when i logged in. Is the server down?
  3. 100% Perfect

  4. 100% Perfect

    can i see it, im on now...
  5. 100% Perfect

    sorry, only for trade and not for sale...
  6. 100% Perfect

    +10 100% Tera Perfect VS Set and Weap Helm = Full Hp [4x +164 guard] Armor = AR [4x +105 res] Gloves = Full Vit Pants = AR [4x +123 medials] SB = AR +10 Sig Light TB = Full Vit 7% Poison Gems Looking For : Perfect Segu Set and Weap SAME / taking OFFERS If interested leave comments/pm...
  7. Rare OP offer

  8. Rare OP offer

    As title says: 100% Perfect +10 Tera Bagi Set & Weap + OP Armlets Looking to trade for: VS/AK/SEGU Set/Weaps Just leave comment or pm if ur interested.
  9. Buying

    100$ ser...its hard making AR on GA...
  10. Buying

    Just pm me ingame...its me also xThreat...
  11. Buying

    My IGN is VeeEyePee...
  12. Server Down!!!

    Nvm, server back now. Thanks.
  13. Server Down!!!

    Sir @Nitex, any news why server is down?