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  1. Ez Troll

    Another form of chrisgwapings. Upgraded chirs v2.0

  3. WTB 3 pieces of 180 geisgold plus 9

    Whats ur ign?
  4. Current State of Balance Discussion

    nerf dk dps. its no fun anymore.
  5. Patch 13.2 Released

    spawn time too long and mostly occupied all the time
  6. Patch 13.2 Released

    so for lvling purposes only, is there any chance that u could bring back castor but reduce the dil drop for ex. 5m per boss i can live with that

    new patch dawg
  8. Patch 13.2 Released

    is there something farmable that we can sell in the new map other than wing fragments?
  9. LF Ak,Segu,Vs,Dw perfect set and weap
  10. Sick of AK's

    I dont know why you even replied to this. Still an idiot would sure say lag isnt a disadvantage. Tell me something what do you prefer more a stable ms or a shitty one? I told you im done. But damn ure persistent. I took u 12 hours thinking for a reply. I already burned ur ass. Ure reply is like from a 5yr old kid reasoning out like shit when obviously ive proven u wrong. As i remembered u also want nerf for segu before cause u cant beat segu. It was harzadous's segu who beat you and then u ask for nerf i think hes the only segu who has beaten you. Now he beat u at ak and u want nerf? Oh boy u sure are a sore loser. Oh well. Yall pls read cause this is true
  11. Sick of AK's

    Lag- fall behind in movement, progress, or development; not keep pace with another or others. LAG is not a disadvantage? ok im done. I think you have already proven that ure one of those retarded and dumb people on this server #Imout
  12. Sick of AK's

    Ur buddies made that thread not me. Again u beaten that TW bagi who has 500-1k ms. and u havent even pvped the top tier Bagi's in that tourney who quit already. last time i saw u pvped NecroShock and that dude swept u 2-0 homeboy what u tryna say? It might be a joke for u but its real. It is pretty much real for other players
  13. Sick of AK's

    i thought it was u beating the hell outta everyone? i remember seeing u 2 win all the time. but it was long ago, long before that update
  14. Sick of AK's

    it just means that you cant handle the lag either. Thats why u come up with ur signature. im pretty sure that wasnt there before that patch