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  1. Sick of AK's

    I dont know why you even replied to this. Still an idiot would sure say lag isnt a disadvantage. Tell me something what do you prefer more a stable ms or a shitty one? I told you im done. But damn ure persistent. I took u 12 hours thinking for a reply. I already burned ur ass. Ure reply is like from a 5yr old kid reasoning out like shit when obviously ive proven u wrong. As i remembered u also want nerf for segu before cause u cant beat segu. It was harzadous's segu who beat you and then u ask for nerf i think hes the only segu who has beaten you. Now he beat u at ak and u want nerf? Oh boy u sure are a sore loser. Oh well. Yall pls read cause this is true
  2. Sick of AK's

    Lag- fall behind in movement, progress, or development; not keep pace with another or others. LAG is not a disadvantage? ok im done. I think you have already proven that ure one of those retarded and dumb people on this server #Imout
  3. Sick of AK's

    Ur buddies made that thread not me. Again u beaten that TW bagi who has 500-1k ms. and u havent even pvped the top tier Bagi's in that tourney who quit already. last time i saw u pvped NecroShock and that dude swept u 2-0 homeboy what u tryna say? It might be a joke for u but its real. It is pretty much real for other players
  4. Sick of AK's

    i thought it was u beating the hell outta everyone? i remember seeing u 2 win all the time. but it was long ago, long before that update
  5. Sick of AK's

    it just means that you cant handle the lag either. Thats why u come up with ur signature. im pretty sure that wasnt there before that patch
  6. Sick of AK's

    Any proof about that? it lasted for 1-2weeks cause kianni cried about it and most of you ddnt log in cause of the lag, i remembered he made a thread bout it.
  7. Sick of AK's

    Aint talking Bs right here. I gave up this dream of mine long time ago{one of the best player} cause aint gonna happen with my average 700ms. i think i have a better chance going to the moon.
  8. Sick of AK's

    you the best cause u got the most stable ms im not saying its ur fault., u pvp southeast asains that has 500-900ms compare to ur 100-200ms. 90% in this server are from SEA asia. TW/Ph/Indonesia.. u switch weapons=roll back. get stunned ur skills would be interrupted Id say they balance the MS., the 9% from ur side of the globe must be idiots/retards. idk if u play dota or lol maybe Cs go cause we aint stupid MS really matters. even I a mediocre player can crash Miracle- (DOta) Faker(Lol) having 200ms while them having 900ms. its a Fact. Id say ud be an average player if we all had equal ms. and now u complain cause someone overcame u, someone will eventually beat ur ass in ur side of the globe cause u playing with the same MS/ping now deal with it. I myself dropped the dream of being one of the best player cause no shit aint gonna happen. Maybe some Sea asia player Made it. but still imagine if they had the same smooth game play as u have
  9. Sick of AK's

    So tell me how can they nerf ak? The way u want
  10. Sick of AK's

    Only 1 or 2 can beat you, and now u want nerf. This doesnt sound right u want nerf cause u cant beat this people
  11. GM Application

    Some of you has gone too far, what yall know truly about this guy man? GM sunchild already said no. why some of u fools still keep jumpin on this dude man u aint Gms for fuck sake Edit: and by way most of u people commenting on this thread has also applied, what would it feel if the same shit was thrown at you. try putting urself in his shoes man. none of us is clean.
  12. May take a Break/temporary/Forever

    Youve only been playing for 3 months and youve already realize that. Take me with you!
  13. Do you have some cool gamer quotes guys?

    keep off the grass?

    i need AK or dw bro