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  1. Remove D Shop Buffs

    學妳妹78規則 意見多就是欠幹少在那邊543 陽具哥
  2. Remove D Shop Buffs

  3. Sick of AK's

    Do not destroy the original fun game because of personal needs.
  4. Sick of AK's

    Everything lies in technology
  5. Sick of AK's

    Cute guys
  6. 10% trade

    WTT 10% Poison = 10%fire!
  7. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Team Name:Lake Heart Month Leader:Carlot Team members: 1.KTAN 2.{VIP}AsmodusTw 3.BlueMore 4.Birus
  8. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Lgnore us !
  9. Dekaron Rising 5v5 Registration [OPEN]

    Maybe you can change 2/4-2/5 in night
  10. DK Suggestions

    Good idea, brother!
  11. WTS

    195+10 DN Gauntlet 3x 7% ice 1x 7% lighting full Incrtased dam 40$
  12. Boring thoughts

    Asia is very unstable!
  13. Hello

    Thanks you
  14. Hello

    Okay ! When to update 1vs1 game
  15. Hello

    Dear Rising players! I'm Carlot, I really like this game! I have played 7-8 years, and I love this game is very ample, this game is the only fun with the pk war, I was very happy mood to participate in every war! Hope that players do not play with smelly mouth.