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  1. EGUT 161 BOSS

    3 hours
  2. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    And still, i think a list of participants will come handy. It is impossible to know/remember all the OP names on the server. A set of rules would be nice as well. Is the use of malakite or the 6k HP dshop hp pot for example allowed ? Such things can change the outcome of a fight.
  3. Best Class Tour Winner Prediction

    Hi guys ! I fancy this event a lot. On the other hand, shouldn't we have a list of participants to pick from ? My point is that we need to actually know who is participating for each particular class in order to pick a potential winner. When you bet on something (in real life) you don't bet blindly, do you ? I suggest you guys make the date and time of the tournament to take place clear. Then make a list of the participants for each class and only then the betting can start. Cheers !
  4. Sick of AK's

    Yes they are terribly imba. Hunter is squishy yes, but a fully-geared AK takes me down to 0 in about 4-5 secs. Not even BWs with their insane damage can do that. Not to mention AK's attack speed - outrageous ! Thank you !
  5. Tell me please

    HAHAHAHAHAH NEVA ! I can't play without hacks you know
  6. Tell me please

    I've got enough wits, don't worry about that I guess i used the wrong approach to what i meant I will clarify for people who didn't get that. My questions are not really questions, more of statements Cheers !
  7. Tell me please

    Hi ! I am not really sure how to interpret this: http://imgur.com/a/po1hX Is this an accusation without proof or what ? How about this: http://imgur.com/a/7UxKu A threat ?! Thank You ! Regards !
  8. [Fixed] SERVER DOWN??

    I really hope server is down so Roast can finally be able to log his GM in again...
  9. My Great Escape!! lol

    So uhm @[GM]Riku Noctis-XIII☪ ... can you now please do something that you are paid for ? I mean reset the Hell Gatekeeper for example. Don't get me wrong, i am happy you are having fun but you also have responsibilities to the server i believe. I have posted this request few days ago but no action taken. So if you could be kind enough to do it, i will be extremely grateful. Thank You ! Kind Regards !
  10. Hi ! Suggestion: set a reset time for the Hell Gatekeeper once a day. I reckon 3 p.m. GMT+0 (7 a.m. GMT-8 / 11 p.m. GMT+8) is the best choice. @Nitex i can reason that if you want me to in a PM. Regards !
  11. SB boss

    I feel, ya. No idea about the 2nd paypal acc... i reckon it should be possible but no reliable info on it.
  12. SB boss

    I am a one-man army, you know Hopefully it is because they are GMT-8 and it is 6:25 a.m. for them at the moment... i know Nitex is GMT-8... don't know bout the rest. Roast is having issues logging his GM on. An issue that has been emphasized on to @Nitex but no action taken yet as far as i know which is extremely annoying as he is (was) the most active GM (MM) so far...
  13. Hell Gatekeeper

    @Nitex @MrFisty @Razgriz @Roasteed @[GM]SunChild @[GM]Riku Noctis-XIII☪ @[GM]Adori @BlazeFury @ezra @Synnercy Can someone please reset the Hell Gatekeeper ? Make sure his field is there as well please. Thank You ! Kind regards !
  14. SB boss

    There is a hacker who teleports him away without killing him, hence he will not respawn unless been reset, Not being reset because we have no active GMs - as simple as that. I haven't seen him (the boss) for a week now and i am known for constantly hunting him