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  1. one of the cancers to this server

    explain these.

    really? @Nitex @MrFisty i have more if you need an SS.
  3. one of the cancers to this server

    okay. how about now? I just confirmed it was him. and that DK dragon and bagi Run is his also. @MrFisty
  4. one of the cancers to this server

    thank you. i will catch more then post it here.
  5. @Nitex @MrFisty @Roasteed is this even allowed?
  6. HeXXeD OPR Application

    Typical pinoy doing trashtalk and thread jacking. I am entitled with my own opinion. Does that hurt your ego? Well after my couple of days playing rising i decided not to join this shitty server anymore. Too much shitty brain dead players. Btw,i had fun killing your mage. Sad part is you have lots of excuses doing pvp. You know who i am.
  7. HeXXeD OPR Application

    You only know how to read. Understanding statement is the key. Using brain is free. Try it. Cheers!
  8. DK Square

    Geared players = Arrogant. Let's see how those forum keyboard warriors attack this reply. Cheerio!
  9. HeXXeD OPR Application

    NO. If you really value the community learn to value lowbies as well... not just those geared people. Just my 2 cents.
  10. {VIP}Ysamich OPR Application

    You mean this?
  11. what a warm welcome

    thanks rising for a warm welcome. dc and a very high ms. just wow
  12. [08/01/2017]Siege Madness

    wtf? i moved in to this server and bought a set with this kind of siege??????????? where are the players???
  13. MrFisty's OPR Application

    go get 'em tiger! +9999999999999999999
  14. Atlanti OPR Application

    lol no! like never. an 8 y/o kid can't be OPR or GM. just my 2 cents. grammar-fail forum attitude-fail ingame attitude-fail