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  1. Looking for seg set and wep post what you got up for grabs
  2. Awsome GM/OPR App

    Well this the only server I'm playing i haven't played global in months and i been active so....
  3. Taking Signature Request :)

    going to work on it i thought i fixed it
  4. Taking Signature Request :)

    you got to let it sit for 5 seconds then pic will pop up then save
  5. Taking Signature Request :)

    http://i66.photobucket.com/albums/h272/thelovrboy/xomega.gif copy link then top right and click on your profile name then go into account settings then signature should be on you left
  6. Taking Signature Request :)

    i spelled it wrong going to remake lol
  7. Taking Signature Request :)

    Something like this..?? or a gif with flashing letters..?
  8. Taking Signature Request :)

    I am doing it for free i wont knock anyone hustle so my sigs will be different then there's so we can have different styles plus I'm just bored i am looking for 180+ segnal and bagi armor and weps if you want to donate i wont say no
  9. Taking Signature Request :)

    What you want on it give me some ideas
  10. Taking Signature Request :)

    Taking Request and will host them on my photobucket Here is some of my work Request Ideas!!! What you want on it..?? Whats your ingame name or forum name..?? What kind of effects do you want..?? Whats your favorite anime or show..?? Go in to details or it will be random
  11. Awsome GM/OPR App

    yeah I'm qualified for the job but haven't been on the server for long just wanted to give it a shot thanks for the opportunity tho i might apply next time
  12. Awsome GM/OPR App

    thnx i guess lol
  13. General Questions What is your main character's in-game name? HealingHoe (Segnal) / xXBigBruteXx (Bagi) Where in the world are you located? USA...!!!!! What time zone are you located in? UTC−05:00 (ET) How long have you been playing on this server? How long have you been playing Dekaron itself? i been playing for 3 days lol I been playing dekaron since i was 17 and I'm 28 now yeah i know I'm a nerd i been playing pservers on and off for about 8+ years What times will you be able to get ingame? (Be specific please : Days/Times etc) Mon - Fri 12PM - 10PM is my time frame but will wake up to scheduled events that i know about Have you ever been banned, and if so why? No i haven't How much time each day do you spend on the forums, or ingame? I Spend 2 - 5+ hours a day ingame going to be more active on forum Can you get on skype? Yes i can Do you have Fraps, or some other sort of video recording software? Yes i do..!! Have you had previous experience for the role you are applying for? Yes i made my own test server awhile back in 2009 so i know the GM commands even the Dev commands Explain why you think you would be a good person for this position. I'm a vet when it comes to pservers i know how things work without being taught i know how to do my job the right way and be fair to everyone i act different when i play on my main accounts because I'm a regular player i know how to be a GM the right way and don't treat someone that killed me a million times on my main different What made you consider this position? I'm a people person in game and out of game i like solving problems and i would like to host some cool events when I'm GM What would you bring to the community and staff team? Experience and Respect and Fairness What do you expect to gain from this position? To sum it up i would love this position where I can use my skills to make an impact that I can see with my own eyes and I can grow and work toward something I care about Staff are required to use as excellent grammar and spelling as possible. Are you capable of this? Yes i can Open ended GM/OPR Specific Questions You're throwing a hide and seek event, after 15 minutes you realize you're in a location players cannot get to, how do you react? Calm and teleport to somewhere they can see me and get to me so it can be fair to all the players but i wouldn't be making that mistake because i plan ahead You're throwing a Last man standing event, and a group of players are accused of cheating through collusion, what is your response? Post pone the rewards and watch the event over because i would go invisible then record the event to be fair to everyone and also talk to any assisting GM's that I'm working with to solve the problem calmly and efficient as possible An angry player has an issue that you unfortunately cannot help him with. When you tell him this, he becomes irate, and starts to insult you. What do you do? Tell him/her to post there concerns on the forum and if we have any guidelines with such behavior i will give them a warning first but i will not tolerate disrespect of any sorts While going about your duties, a flock of players surround you and begin to ask a series of questions and make several demands, assuming you have no urgent responsibilities, how do you deal with this situation? It depends on what I'm doing and if any other GM's that's online that could help me out with my duties so i could answer questions because team work make the dream work lol but more then likely i would go invisible until i get done with doing what i got to do then pop up to answer questions and to pvp with my GM rings off if that's allowed lmfao