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  1. hi sir, please remove 195 2handed axe light blue..i see 195 lvl and 180 lvl its the same..

    i got scam..he trade me 195 then he change to 180 lvl

    i pay him 5b of dils,then he gone

    the name is "NewFolder4" ill pm him to get back my 5b dils but he's not online anymore.

    can u pm him for me to get back my dils??

    ill farm so hard but 5b dils is useless..so sad T.T

    1. Eiffar


      please GM



    Pls IP ban for this scammer. he got all my items T.T

    there's NO DROP in the deadlands MAP???
  4. Where is the Dil at?

    im a newbie,a ordinary player lvl 197 have only 180 +7 weapon and a set of 170. 190m dils only i farm dils in arcadia (someone PK) i farm in parca (someone PK) so where i can farm dils????? T.T the only things here is to donate,how about us who cant donate ign: EiffarGaming