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  1. I Want To Say Thank You {GM}DannyBoi You Helped me to fix all that bugs it game even i'm so bad it that things you worked hard to make me understand xD We are so lucky Because we got amazing Gm like you Thank you A lot ♥
  2. WTT perfect ak set / wep = HB

    Free Bump ♥
  3. Selling / Trade

    I offer 15$ for the 140 Plume
  4. Pazzinda`s WTB/WTS List

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  5. WTB !

    free bump
  6. Kay,go Tell admins to read my Ticket support,Should I pay for them to read it? When one Gm lie it me and he say" I'll make sure to make them read it in 1-2 days" and its now more then 4 days.
  7. Oh idk if I have to say "Ty" or say I didn't see it You Guys don't help me in anything just come here and give me Warning LMAO Go read my Ticket Support better then giving me warning,I wont bump anymore only every 24 hours.