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  1. Slow loading - 100%

    downgrade to windows 8 and all of your problems will be solved
  2. WTB perfect armlet for aloken fire element 10%

    over bump, Disgust you were offline when I pmed you
  3. WTB perfect armlet for aloken fire element 10%

    whats your ign?
  4. Channel 3 (Lurile) Connection Failed .

    oh no, here comes hackers

  6. Enigma

    Cool that changes sweet pretty reasonable to me
  7. WTB 3 pieces of 180 geisgold plus 9

    over bump
  8. Enigma

    what changes basically?
  9. Looking for an armlet for aloken willing to pay for $50 donation cheers Op belt plus9- price offer give me good deal, looking for items for segu ripper
  10. DKSQ Nametags

    cool and apologies, I don't have any mum anymore, she just died recently
  11. DKSQ Nametags

    So how can someone testify this situation? Video proof cant be a sort of evidence as you dont know whats on the other side, jailing someone for a week is quite harsh though and its a first offense we dont know why that person is afk, we dont know if he/she is indeed boosting etc etc...
  12. Lambo mount

    any griffin mount?
  13. Improvising something

    agree, as previous dekaron(2moons) is not featured to have this capabilities
  14. DKSQ Nametags

    jailing someone is not a solution. and it is their own decision not to fight someone for the said reason. I think I agree with Wrecked and Ceranon that nametags should be hidden, this will prevent from happening this kind of events.