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  • Interests I like boys xD i love to play online game such as Dota2, LoL , COC and now im going to try this game Dekaron Rising :)

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  1. hi its been a while

    To be honest i played this server not long but the things you said is true .. it dosen't matter if you have GM tag the important things to is you can help to other players and this server ..
  2. Suggestion Only :)

    Why cant i donates ? I just link my bank account and i have a paypal account ?
  3. SET AND WEP +10

    Pm sent sir
  4. SET AND WEP +10

    hi guys where can i buy +10 set and wep for segita hunter lvl 180+ need cheep
  5. Suggestion Only :)

    can we kill GM that way in PVP ?
  6. can you help me lvlup sir <3
  7. why is there to many server in dekaron ?
  8. GM application Motosha

    Yes Yes Yow ????
  9. GM application Motosha

    Like this ? FUCK OFF YOU SHT ..I..
  10. GM application Motosha

    OMG why no one reply me specially GM and staff ? This is how you welcome your new comer /player ignoring me .? What an inactive forum .. how sad is this .!!!
  11. GM application Motosha

    How old are you sir ?
  12. GM application Motosha

    Hi GM's can you go to my post in general discussion and answer my question there about the rules
  13. Hai Guys Can You Help Me :)

  14. Hai Guys Can You Help Me :)

    Auh ok .. thanks !