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  1. Daily log in attendace coin

    play more than 2 hours a day then u get em
  2. New Forum Signature [Event]

    and the winner iiizzzz: ?
  3. Remove D Shop Buffs

  4. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    u know i wanna see some dils raining into my pocket?? starts from 2 bils, depends on what u want. pm me ur information if u agree.
  5. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    Does it look like it took 15sec to be done? We can discuss about my prices or just accept them how they are. "My horse, my rules"
  6. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    well then do it urself?
  7. New Forum Signature [Event]

    oh darling no it's all photoshop just had another idea of adding files without adobe after effects, since it's too complicated to me ps: i will share, should i win the price, since u remember me on my old friend
  8. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    well, i thought about going up with my prices, but there were only 3 guys who paid 3 bils for a sig. peple are greedy. it's too much for a private server they say, if this were a design company i'd pay they say ( ) and so on. there are many reasons. but they better safe the money and have some ugly pics in their sig.-areas.
  9. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    i'm doing it in my spare time. my spare time is very important to me, since i work hard and need time to relax..and my sigs are just dope. would u guys work for free without any charge? spending hours on something that may worth way more than "fun on doing sigs".. (btw i made 11 bils back in the days within 1 month..*heavybreathng*) if people want this, they pay for it.
  10. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    its not enough @Ceranon my prices start up from 2 bils, since its a lot of work tbh
  11. ❤️SIG SHOP❤️

    latest for @[GM]Fayth
  12. New Forum Signature [Event]

    have fun with it pinda
  13. New Forum Signature [Event]

    all i see are some gifs with just his name typed in with some curious font lel or just a pic with added name of him no one really straining at all
  14. Miss The Old days

    but remember that feeling 10 yrs ago? try to compare these times with now,,,its like nothing QQ
  15. Miss The Old days

    i miss the old days (5 years ago)...