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[Guide]: Wings System

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On 9/13/2016 at 6:16 AM, tolduke said:

Hi there guys, i need some help. i choose the wrong wings for my class? what can i do for i cant bend, and trade to a friend.. i was Dragon Knight and the wing i clicked was for the knight.. its my mistakes coz i didnt read the whole option..


You need to submit a ticket in the support section:




Remember, be sure to provide all the information that you can think would help Nitex solve your problem.


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6 minutes ago, Eiffar said:

Sad..newbie need a full tera set and accesories to farm this wings :(

Try forming parties with other players that need to farm Wing Fragments as well. :)

The difficulty was made in a way that gets players to join together to farm instead of solo play

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