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[CLASS GUIDE] How to Play Segnale Like a Pro

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9 hours ago, Adori said:

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us Ximena, this is one of the best guides i've seen!


Can you do Seguriper next? AKA the most complex class in Dekaron B), sarcasm off (i know what you think of my favorite class <_<).

Btw Kimian=KimTan? is he your sensei? :ph34r:

Thanks for the feedback! :D

Ser, why don't you make a Seguriper guide so I can also try playing your class? Hahaha. 

Segnale DKSQ Montage to be uploaded soon, sluts!!!

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32 minutes ago, Sugoi said:

Wow very nice. 


But Murcia (or the one with hitting a raining curse damage within a circle range) or whatever it is called is not on the attacking/offensive skills list?

That's right. Murcia is a high-level skill that has VERY LOW damage and VERY SLOW casting time to be useful in PvP/PK. Surely, its damage needs to be scaled because it is a level 180 skill... Just a suggestion. @Nitex

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