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**UPDATED** Patch 12.7 Notes: EXP Revamp, Dead Front Revamp, Butterfly Wings, and more!

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2 hours ago, king96 said:
  1. Because of this change characters that were over 33% will now be over 100%. Just kill one monsters and you will instantly level up. Consider it a free level on us.

So this meant everytime we reach 33.00% and kill a monster and that = 1 level up or just only for this update?

No. EXP needed per level was decreased to 1/3rd of what it was. So everyone's EXP % was increased by 3x. If you were 20% exp before the update you would be 60% after the update. If you were over 33% before the update it would make you go over 100% once you logged in after the update. That is who that applied to. 

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