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Patch 12.8: New-Player's Update, Draco Desert Warzone, Bosses, Fishing, and more!

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Holy shit....awesome!!!

Thank u for the concern on dills inflation, and that gold argate boss, dayuuummm! im sure the draco queen will be happy to see this...war time people! get ur party ready!

The update timing double up my excitement, coz i just win a hide N seek event by [GM]Adori, :Dthen comes this shout about server shut down for update! Yihaaa...

See u all at draco... ;)

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5 minutes ago, Pororoo said:

Castor dungeon is my chance for farming QQ. And now its GONE. Thank you GM.


PS: Please back castor as soon as possible. TY. 

Castor dungeon was flawed in that it individualized an essential part of gameplay and inflated the dil economy. You can now farm Shadowkris if you really need dils. When Castor Dungeon comes back, it's going to be completely different :). 

5 minutes ago, cool4rz said:

Uhm, would it be possible also to add stat regen on the karin coin exchange, since there is also skill master mistake? :)

Great suggestion, will add in the next update. 

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Those bosses looks scary, how about their powers? :D


5 minutes ago, midas77 said:

Holy shit... this addresses everything I was thinking about when I started my new character. THIS IS AWESOME. I think the server is perfect now. And I can't wait to PK all you noobs in Draco bahahahahhahha

Dont be so sure, draco is new AFK Spot for us. We dont allow anyone be there and as they like. :ph34r:

Warning : 
Only Enigma and InvictuZ can fish in Draco! :D

Stop us if you can! :rolleyes:

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