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Patch 12.8: New-Player's Update, Draco Desert Warzone, Bosses, Fishing, and more!

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1 hour ago, Chronos said:

error boss

Checksum error in data\texture\character\swd_hel_gm#.dds
Checksum error in data\texture\character\war_gm.dds
Checksum error in data\texture\character\wsu_gm#.dds
Checksum error in data\texture\costume\bag_00.dds
Checksum error in data\texture\costume\sor_equ_cos_pre01_roku.dds
Checksum error in data\texture\costume\war_equ_c_korea_blue.dds
Checksum error in data\texture\custom\gen_equ_cas_win_sma_purple.dds
Checksum error in data\texture\effect\monster\eff_hil_awake_03_burnpat_01#.dds
Unexpected end of archive

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