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[Poll] Wing Upgrade System

Wing Upgrade System (See Details Below)   54 members have voted

  1. 1. Should we add the Wing Upgrade System (see details below).

    • Yes, definitely.
    • I'm indifferent (don't care).
    • No.

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Hi guys,


I'm thinking about adding a system to enable you to upgrade your wings.

Here is the idea: 

  • All wings become upgrade-able to +10 
  • Unlike normal items, wings would not break +1~+10 (however they would go back to +0 if you fail). 
  • Wings are upgraded with "Wing Argates" that will drop each time you kill a player in Colosseum. 
  • Wings would become a "tradeable" item (including D-Shop wings, but they also stay timed). 
  • Stats on wings would be adjusted so that they are balanced at +10 and give an advantage but not an overpowering one. 

I think it would be a good idea because it would stimulate action in Colosseum (right now there's not much of an incentive to go), it would give people something else to have fun with and work on, and with wings glowing it would make them match your sets. 

What do you think? 


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Most of the server has not reach cap gears and etc. So basically their mindset will be "No its another hard shit again".

Me personally, i dont care because i play a lot and has the time to make that shit. 

But, for the server sake so it wont go shit. I vote NO

Remember : 
Server is 3 yrs
No many cap lvl and cap gears or most of them are missing or just AFK
From few past patches, exp curves became worst somehow.


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agree with Aza...

i think this is just a way to satisfy that perfect full high end gear players to find somethings to do rather than afk! 

the ardeca squad thingy!



there is still so much thing to do in this server, rather than afk in ardeca. but hey, if they so lazy and dont wanna move their asses. then idk what to say anymore.

please dont!

like aza said, not even 50% of all the players reached the high level cap/gears.

and i just made a new fresh blood recruit in my guild. i have succeeded bring some of my friends here, and right now they are still progressing.

all of the new players are still working hard in leveling, farming and  upgrading gears. if this new patch comes with new upgradeable wings, some sure will desperate.

please dont say that its will not an overpowering one, coz thats just wrong.

a +10 full vit tera gloves compare with a +10 3 vit tera gloves will not make u become OP. but still, players always wants the best stuff. no one likes a second rate stuff.

So, its a BIG NO from me.


PS : instead of adding new stuff, why not trying to fix all the known buggs, errors and etc. and perfected the game play experience.

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Please don't holy hell its already hard enough getting max lvl gear and then trying to get it to +10.There are so many items in this game you need to be fully stacked.Please dont add anymore im begging man holy hell



man getting all this stuff already makes me wanna kill myself 

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