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This is Nice !

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10 hours ago, [GM]Bimbow said:

would be good, but there's only like 5 guilds that would participate, why not just do a regular 7v7? 

yeah sound good 7v7 or 14v14 or 20v20 etc .. guild vs guild and make some prize like P or B points or some bet dils 100m to 1b each participant :'P etc ..  .. to many like this war so Hope GM and stuff bring this in this server :')

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People liking the fight like this and then after they experience real-fight in Game they QQ about candies, dshops, kites, and etc... :P and asking for c3 to let the fight end in a minute. lmao :D

By the way, that video is too much...if it happens 1 left both sides it would have ended draw ? :lol: :lol:

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