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Dekaron Rising (A9) - The beginning is near. Get ready here!

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It's almost time to log into the server that will shatter your expectations.


We expect to open up the server in a few days. It could be Saturday. It could be Sunday. Or it could be anytime next week.


We're releasing the download link now. You can get the client downloaded and installed but you won't be able to launch until release. We will tell you when we release on the website. You will also not be able to register (via the launcher) until open beta starts.




Download & Install


If you want to play Dekaron Rising (previously known as A9) you MUST download this new client. The old client can not support A9 at all.


Click the following buttons (you only need one). Choose Direct if you want to download from our webserver. Choose torrent if you want to use a torrent transfer.









Registration (Not open yet, but here's how)



After you install the game, simply run the launcher and you will find the registration dialog.

1. Fill out your desired account information in the registration section.

2. Click "Create"


A dialog will then appear telling you if it worked or not.






Why download now?

For one, it's a big download. You're going to want to have it ready for when we begin open beta so you can just hop in game. Also, events below.



[EVENT 1]: Kickoff Event Start!

To kick off A9, we're having a nice little event. We haven't decided if this will be a number (first thousand) or a duration (first two weeks), but the first people who get in game and create characters will get a free Rising Beginner Package. See below.





[EVENT 2]: The Transup 2 Challenge!


The first 10 characters to reach Transup 2 level will get a free pet. Winners must be the first to get to level 165 (Transup 2) and be one of the first 10 to TAKE A PICTURE WITH THEIR TRANSUP 2 and post it in the Media Section.


It's that easy! Get to 165, take a picture of your character with Transup, and post it! One person can only win once.






[EVENT 3]: More events!


With the kickoff of A9, we're going to be holding a ton of events. Exp events, boss events, and so much more. Literally, so much more. We'll even hold some forum events. Just be ready to hop in game!





I haven't been following, what's the big deal about Rising/A9?


We have so many features that no other server can provide, period. We'll list a few below, but there are so many it is impossible to list.


  • Transup and Transup 2: Unlike all other servers where Transup is just a costume that you have to buy, here it is a REAL skill. When you Transup, your characters animations (stance), appearance, and effects all change. In addition to the epic visual effects, you also get +X stats depending on Transup level.
  • New Skillbar: Other servers can only give you a skillbar that has two bars and goes from 1~9. On Rising, the new skill bar will be fully functional that has 1~= instead, and up to 3 bars, along with many new features such as click to cast and lock.
  • F1~F6 Slots: Self explanatory. Whereas others have F1~F3, ours goes to F6. In a few weeks we'll make it go to F12, too.
  • New Party System: We have the new party system that is full of new features. A few of them are party through friends list/guild, see shield of party members in addition to HP on the right, and now you can party 7 people instead of only 6.
  • Party PvP: Never seen before on other servers, we have a real and fully functional party PvP system that allows battles of two parties, up to 7v7 people.
  • Real Mavaric System: Unlike other servers where there is either no mavaric system or the mavaric system is done through a buggy web script, Rising will have a fully functional in game mav system.
  • New Stat Sytem: Rising has the A7+ stat system. It's much more balanced and makes much more sense than the imbalanced and improper A3 system.
  • REAL PETS: Other servers have turned the idea of pets into useless little shits that fly around and do nothing. On Rising, they are your companion that helps you along your journey. Pets at Rising will pick up items based on the settings you choose, have their own inventory, and even let you NAME THEM!
  • E-v-e-r-y S-k-i-l-l W-o-r-k-i-n-g:  I can't stress this one enough. Literally every skill will work like it should. For example, ALOKEN buffs will have a COUNTER on them, and work CORRECTLY. Summoners will have Out of Sight (teleport), Recall (party member teleport), and Invisible Shadow (INVISIBILITY) all working PERFECTLY. Segnales will have SELF RES AND REAL SLEEPS. All classes will have all skills working exactly how they should. Don't settle for buggy skills on other servers anymore, these all work like they should.

All of these are just some of the so many new features Rising has that others don't. The list goes on forever. There are countless of small features that make the game truly amazing.





Unlike we've done before, on Dekaron Rising we will be taking a preemptive measure in addition to prevention. What this means, basically, is that we will ban anyone who even attempts to hack. Even if someone tries to hack and fails, their attempted actions are sent to the server silently. Reports will be monitored, looked over, and permanent IP, account, and hardware bans will be carried out. In addition to the client side, Dekaron Rising, with the new files, has new server-side detection that will log additional hacks on the server side and thus be extremely effective in letting us know in case someone gets past our client protection.


Account Sharing:

Similar to as currently on Uprising, but stricter, we will not enforce account sharing (due to being nearly impossible) however if there are significant amounts of evidence pertaining to account sharing, we will deny you account support should your account ever be compromised. We will have a new support system in the upcoming weeks that will be a lot easier to help resolve any problems you may have and you will not want to loose this privilege.



Scamming will also not be tolerated at all. Upon the first evidence of a scam the account and IP both will be banned. No support will be given to those who fall for scams, either.


Internet Cafe's

To reiterate previously stated rules, we will once again implement the owner responsibility system. The owner of the Internet Café must make sure all of his users follow all of the rules. If any rules are broken that will result in an IP or hardware ban, staff will not hesitate to do so.



With the release of this new server that has new files that have never been used before, it is imminent that bugs will arise. We are seeking to fix as many as we can before the end of open beta. If you encounter a serious game breaking bug, please report it to us (in private if nessecary). Those who come to us with bugs that are game breaking or very important will be heavily rewarded, perhaps in coins or in exclusive/extremely rare items.Thank you.






Keep this thread clean and on topic. More information will be provided as the time comes, so please avoid asking questions that we can't necessarily answer. Also, negativity will not be tolerated, nor will flaming. Keep the thread clean, show us your excitement.


What class will you be playing?


What is your favorite feature of A9?

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Keep this thread clean and on topic. More information will be provided as the time comes, so please avoid asking questions that we can't necessarily answer. Also, negativity will not be tolerated, nor will flaming. Keep the thread clean, show us your excitement.


What class will you be playing?


What is your favorite feature of A9?


All of them ;o

Triple skill bar is basically amazing forever.

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i have to say im glad this has come i was introduced to dekaron as of 4 years okay firstly to zan before it was shit and when it became so i moved to several severs eventually coming here, this server has been at a tie as my number 1 server for its balances and the great staff here even tho ive had some viscous arguments with them, but i dont hold grudges. anyway to the point of this past paragraph this server is already the best but now with A9 and its professional staff this is going to sky rocket so high Gods gonna fall over into the mud.  i cant wait to sink my teeth into this A9 whats it is supposed to be played as i hear it.  this is gonna change alot i am still half concerned about current accounts items/ but fuck them i dont care about it anymore. but my main problem is how much exactly is the download in gigabytes coz im not that rich atm im still young and not working full time or at all. so getting enough internet on a prepaid is hard i mean for $50 u get 3 GB its a bloody rip off. so i need to know how much money i'll need to spend just to download this state of the art master piece u boys been working on here????  good job lads

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