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Guide to Socketing

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How to Refine a Socket.


Socket Refining is the improvement of applicable items to allow for upgrades to be applied. As such only weapons, helms and armor can be socketed. 


To socket an item you need to visit Carmen the Alchemist. And use the [socket Refining]I want to refine a socket.




In the newly opened window, select from your inventory the piece of equipment you want to refine. It will now appear in the window. You will notice the success chance is listed and theres a number of extra slots. 



We can now increase our chances by adding in fortifying items such as attack cubes/rhombuses etc. As you can see the chance increases for each gem we put in.



Once happy and ready to commit, hit the fortify button a progress bar will appear and in a few seconds we'll see if we have successfully socketed an item.



If the item is successful we'll be notified and your item will have one socket added to it. Repeat the process for up to 4 sockets.



If the item is not successful we'll be notified once again and if we had a socket to start with we would lose that socket as well as the one we are trying to create. For a higher chance always use gems!

(Couldn't get a picture of me failing one yet :P)


Just a few tips:

- Costs increase depending on item level and the type of item weapons are more expensive then armor.

- Items that appear red when in the socket window aren't available to be refined.

- Once completed you can simply pick up the specified gem and drop it into the item.

- Maximum of 4 sockets on all armor and most weapons, 1 handed weapons will cap at 3 slots or 2 slots for daggers. Easiest way to tell is how many slots they take up in the inventory.



Requested by Archie888

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This might be a little off-topic, but what gems should I put in a 2H axe?

And why do people but elemental damage on a physical item.

I'm a noob, sorry XD

Because although it's a physical damage class, the elemental gems still add damage. Usually Ice gems are what AK's go with in their weapons, but it's really up to your own personal preference. For example, if your weapon does 3000 damage, putting a 5% curse gem in would make it 3000 physical damage + 150 Curse damage, a total of 3150 damage, Whereas the most a rhombus can give is half of that.


The initial 3000 damage would be affected by the targets' physical defense, and the 150 extra curse damage would be affected by the targets' curse resistance.

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