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    • Will we ever get good MS again?
      I agree aswell. Haven't really felt like playing these recent days. PVP balance keeps getting worse and worse and no one listens to the players opinions. Whoever is doing balance, shouldn't be doing it anymore. Instead of some people having high ms, now everyone has high ms. Just aren't motivated to play this in its current state. I have played here for 3 years and it's never been worse than it is right now.
    • OMFG
      Same thing on me, bring back our better MS sir @Nitex ....
    • Will we ever get good MS again?
      I would just like to simply know whether or not I should quit. After this recent patch everything has just gone downhill. Basically what you have done is, you've moved the problem from one place to another. Not only this, there are still some people from Taiwan or PH that still have high MS. I don't know if you can see this in your little server statistics box, but I can tell you this much; it has not contributed to the server in a very positive way. If you just take a short trip to Parca/Hell temple you will see that there is not PvP/pk action going on anymore. No one is really fighting on Lurile either. PvP's are simply not interesting anymore when people are flying across the screen and switching lach/weps takes days. And for me as a tri build AK, it just makes my class limited to what it's capable of, and where is the fun in that? The thing you did with Khaleesi also didn't help one single bit, making us only play with other EU players is just dumb. Splitting up the server like that won't accomplish anything. I believe you should just revert the changes you've made, or come up with a better solution that benefits everyone equally. Quote from original Patch update 11.9: Basically, this means that people from the EU have spent their real money buying sets, some of which are even worth up to 500$, helping Taiwanese/PH people get better MS, while completely demolishing their own. hmm ok   I'm not the only one with this opinion on the recent MS update, and I know several others that won't waste any more time on this server when they can't do the things they used to. They simply can't do the things they basically started gearing up for and maybe even spent real money on. They can't use any this to its real effort.
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    • Azure Knight - Winner: EyeDentity
    • Aloken - Winner: DjLoa
    • Bagi Warrior - Winner: Bon3Crush3r 
    • Dark Wizard - Winner: LosTMagiC 
    • C. Summoner - Winner: LineS
    • Dragon Knight - Winner: QueenInori
    • Half Bagi - Winner: iVASH
    • Incar Magician - Winner: Ximena
    • Segita Hunter -  Winner: FiRePrInCeSs
    • Segnale -  TIE: Kimian & xBellaTrix
    • Seguriper  -  Winner: CuThroaT
    • V. Summoner -  Winner: MaseratiTW

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