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  • 1v1 Class Tournament Status

    • Azure Knight - Winner: EyeDentity
    • Aloken - Winner: DjLoa
    • Bagi Warrior - Winner: Bon3Crush3r 
    • Dark Wizard - Winner: LosTMagiC 
    • C. Summoner - Winner: LineS
    • Dragon Knight - Winner: QueenInori
    • Half Bagi - Winner: iVASH
    • Incar Magician - Winner: Ximena
    • Segita Hunter -  Winner: FiRePrInCeSs
    • Segnale -  TIE: Kimian & xBellaTrix
    • Seguriper  -  Winner: CuThroaT
    • V. Summoner -  Winner: MaseratiTW

    *** Next tournament will be announced soon! 3v3 Tournament :). ***

    Click here for full information including time conversions, prizes, and rules.

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    • staff vicous summoner
      Vicious Summoners are very tankie, but not more tankier than AK. (IMO) Fact: VS whether TB or Staff type can be tankier due to the shadow revenge skill, but ofc TB is more coz of Twin Mastery. but nevertheless both uses chakra which will boost their def/resistance/vit. Fact: VS (staff) are really badass in massive pk/pvp such dk sq and siege. due to AOE skills and they stays at the back of the melee types. Opinion: VS (staff) are balance but somehow needs to be look again in 1vs1 pvp, it depends on the playing style of the player. Casting time I guess is not the solution, but rather the accuracy of the staff skills to land/hit maybe needs to be re-evaluate. Dodging the staff skills has been very easy lately due to the DASH skills @ 200. Opinion: VS can be a good Hybrid class (either TB major or Staff major). this is bcoz of the massive boost in Heal stats coming from Tera set, SB and tera armlets (hp gain).
    • staff vicous summoner
      Well every class is good at fighting some, and not good at fighting others. Example: staff summy is great at vsing Incar, but will get rolled by Bagis. Danny never mentioned anything about PvE. He said they were not good at 1v1 (and he was mistaken, they are very good for 1v1s against specific classes), but they are much better for group fights. Such as DKSQ, Colosseum, and full party matches. What Danny did not mention was anything to due with PvE. So you bringing up PvE is completely digressing his point.   Either way - no Danny. Staff summy most certainly is not one of the most tanky classes in the game. Not even on Rising. However, a good way to reduce damage is to switch to swords before you're about to take a combo, and perhaps use some sword abilities that could help you. On my staff summoner in Global, I love to use poison sword, shadow revenge, vind sword, and darkness in situations that call for them. Besides poison sword, I try to use that a lot As far as unbalanced classes go, I do believe that staff summoner is just fine. The only reason why they're so pathetic on Rising is because every other class has received numerous buffs, and no nerfs. Making them obsolete. Now, NITEX, this isn't an invitation to buff up the next class in line. I would rather see some nerfing of classes. Less damage, less defense, etc. etc., we don't need to be hitting 20ks on other fully geared people. If some balancing would actually take the place of repeatedly buffing classes, I think it would turn out really great.
    • staff vicous summoner
      Your quotes make 0 sense. I wonder if you actually read what he wrote or was it too long for you?
    • wtb SB +10 segu
      anyone have, let me know how much
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