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Rising EXP Roulette


This event has been removed

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Rising Warriors!
This is a new project I wanna try out. Feedback is much appreciated like always.

Some of you might have noticed the Defender Rokuen statues in Draco Desert. These are a great alternative for when players can't find a raid for the 190 dungeon. It's much worse exp than 190 dungeon, but its better than nothing!
This EXP Roulette event will be just like those statues currently in Draco Desert.
Here is how it works!
Every 4-7 days a random statue from the 190 dungeon will spawn at a random map for 4-7 days before being removed and replaced with another random statue in another random map.


This will bring more variety to leveling and PKing. From now on, however, I will only put 1 statue instead of 2. This is to keep the competetive aspect of leveling and PKing. Always check this thread to find out where the current statue is.
Additionally everyday theres a chance for an Enchanted Jar to spawn somewhere in the map. Killing this Enchanted Jar will spawn a special buff at the statue for 1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 16 or 24 hours to help you or 10x shadowkris.
Failing to destroy this jar, however, will temporarily spawn a debuff or disable the Defender.
Good luck Warriors!

To find the statues follow the blue lights.
Here is a list of current statue and past statues:

- Draco Desert - RedStar Hill - Defender Rokuen (INACTIVE)

- Crespo - Near teleport - Defender Otar (INACTIVE)

- Parca Temple - Red Carpet - Defender Ciron (INACTIVE)

- Norak Cave - Room 1 - Defender Rokuen (INACTIVE)

- Mitera - Neat teleport - Defender Otar (INACTIVE)


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User Feedback

25 minutes ago, DeepClearEyes said:

then teleport to the old crespo??

Crespo = old crespo.

When you get to Crespo simply follow the crystals to get to Defender Otar

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