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Weekly Boss Arenas


This event has come to an end for now. It will be replaced with a monthly boss event with even more awesome and unique rewards.

Thank you to everyone who participated in these boss arena fights every saturday!


We are launching a new weekly event called Dannyboi's Weekly Boss Arenas!


These are bossfights unlike any you have ever seen before in Dekaron Rising.
This event is going to be great and hopefully make PVE a lot more interesting.

Basically every Saturday I will host one of these bossfights. There is going to be something like a little teaser in the in game announcement with a custom made story I will make up followed by an objective (or more) that you wonderful players will have to complete to unlock the final boss fight.

The final bossfight will be set up in a custom made arena with unique traps that will give you a unique PVE experience. I dare say that many of you have never even seen some of these bosses we're going to use in this event, and new stuff is always exciting!

I bet right about now you're wondering what you will achieve by participating in this event! Like I said the event will be in two parts.
The first part will be an objective (or two) for you to complete to unlock the boss fight.
The second objective will be the boss fight itself.

The reward for completing the first objective can be random, I'll decide that on the fly, but the reward for fully completing the event and beating the final boss is guaranteed a random +0 level 200 wep (dropped by me so any participant has a chance to get it) and approximately 1bil dils (more or less depending on the difficulty of the boss), scattered around the boss' arena for any participant to pick up aswell! Besides that it will be loads of loads of fun I promise you that!


Let me also clerify. These bossfights are extremely hard and are not for the faint of heart, but teamwork is the key.
Also almost every boss in this event will have a big AOE attack that will insta kill any players caught within the range of it. You will have to DODGE that! GM does NOT revive any dead players! If you die you will have to walk back to the event yourself.

I hope to see many players attend to this event!

Keep the bosses inside their arenas. If you lure them out of their arenas, they will reset with full HP.

PK'ing is ALWAYS allowed if the event is hosted in a map where you can PK.

Crystals are there to guide you!
Blue crystals = correct way
Red crystals = wrong way

Time until the next Weekly Boss Arena Fight:

Saturday - November 18 - Time:

7 a.m. Eastern Standard Time
6 a.m. Central
5 a.m. Mountain Daylight Time
4 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time
12 p.m. British Summer Time
1 p.m. Germany
2 p.m. Turkey
6 p.m. Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan
8 p.m. Korea and Japan


This saturdays Boss Teaser:


Edited by Dannyboi

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User Feedback

8 hours ago, StickyGreen said:

4 or 5 a.m. my time, guess I wont be doing this event ever...

Sorry, it's not easy to find a time that suits everyone.

I can't do it later because every second saturday is siege and players need a chance to prepare for siege.
And since this is a continuous event I can't steal every sunday away because sunday is often used for big events such as EXP events and tournaments.

PM me on Discord if you have a suggestion for a better time that suits everyone. We're always open to suggestions and feedback

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