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  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Unfortunately, due to the way our anti-hack is set up, Windows Defender and Windows Firewall may block the game and or updater from working. All of our files are verified VIRUS-FREE. Please temporarily disable Windows Defender and Windows Firewall (ESPECIALLY ON WINDOWS 10).

[Patch 12.9] Costumes, Siege, & Bugs


This weeks update contains some new costumes for all classes, general bug fixes and changes, and reschedules Siege. More information below.







You need the latest update to be able to log into the game. Either run the launcher to get the latest update, or if your launcher does not work, download and extract the manual patch below:

1. New Costumes

New Wukong costumes have been added for all classes. Each class gets 3 versions; a normal colored one, a black version, and a red version. 



2. General Changes

  • Siege has been scheduled for January 7th instead of December 31st, since that would be new years day. Count down on the website has been updated to reflect this change. . 


    3. General Changes

    • Egutt Leveling Map: Monsters in the 160/180 areas of Egutt now only drop 3 items per mob instead of 4. 
    • Draco Desert: Teracotta miniboss now does less damage to make it easier for new players (as intended). 
    • Mitera: drop rate has been decreased
    • +1~10 glow has been changed back to normal. 


    4. Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Hunter Osmium Helmet visual bug. 
    • Fixed incorrect values on Dragon Knight wings.
    • Fixed incorrect values on Segnale Teragrace gear (it was lower than Osmium). 
    • Fixed a visual UI bug that happened when opening boxes/randomboxes. 


    5. Other

    • +1~+10 Glow has been reverted to normal glow as per feedback. 

    Edited by Nitex

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    User Feedback


    Sir , I have basically done everything from turning off windows defender , compatibility windows 7 and 8 , run as admin , manual patch , redownload client , reinstall everything , auto patch back from patch 7.1 , i still cannot connect other channel except DDos channel. All Ark channel , Khaleesi , Lurile gives me connection failed.

    My gear is shining in gold color which indicates i am on the right patch. So just the connection issue. Please enlightent me as DDos channel is laggy

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    I downloaded the new update and it is showing 12.85. Once I get to the launcher, it is showing that it still needs to download. Is there something that I am missing?

    Thanks for the help!

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