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[Patch 13.6] Crystalline Weapons, New Costumes, and more!



New Crystalline Weapons have been forged from the rare and powerful Crystalline element. Only the strongest of the warriors will be able to wield them.

The weapons feature a brand new visual effects system. Getting them to work was not easy, but we were able to make it happen.

Manual Patch 13.6 (only needed if your launcher does not work:<https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7zlsmKb9joCQnp5dDZONC1nUzg/view?usp=sharing >


Before I get started on the patch notes, here's a quick note on just SOME other stuff we are planning:

  • Blacksmith Protector / Achemist Protector at exchange
    • Onc
  • Item balance revamp: our item balance document is almost 30 pages long, it's a lot of work but it's going to be worth it
  • Skill balance part 2 
  • New dungeons 
  • New cosmetic upgrade system (cosmetic only) 
  • New classes (no new information yet on these). 
  • Client upgrade for better performance, better stability, and less crashes. 


1) New Crystalline Weapons

  • Level Requirement: 200
  • Stats:  comparable to SigMetal but with...
    • +300 Damage if offensive weapon, +300 Defense if it's a defensive weapon 
    • +35 STR/SPR/DEX/HEAL (+30 on SIGMetal) 
    • The reason the stats aren't too high is so that we do not affect balance significantly yet. The weapons are more powerful, but they aren't too more powerful. SigMetal player vs. Crystalline Player PvP should still be almost an equal fight if all else is the same. The stats may be updated for balancing reasons in the future. 
  • Effects:
    • The weapons use a brand new effects system that is new to Dekaron. This system makes these weapons truly unique and look amazing. We are considering removing the +4~10 glow because they look better without it, we want to know your feedback on this. 
  • How to get the new Weapons: 
    • 1) DK Square Exchange 
      • There are two reasons for their high PPoint cost
        • 1) We learned from the last time we added something to PPoint Exchange instead of drops that it is actually easier than farming than we thought. We realized that this is because with the PPoint Exchange you can choose what weapon you want to buy, whereas with drops you have an even smaller 1/23 (.043%) chance of getting the weapon you want AFTER it drops. 
        • 2) Upgrading them is easier because we have made Blacksmith / Alchemist Protectors available also in Dragon Bone Exchange (fixed, see below) and Lowe DKSquare Exchange (see below). 
    • 2) D-Shop
      • They reason for their high cost is because they cost high PPoints in DKSquare. We want people to play DKSquare instead of buying them from D-Shop, but will leave the D-Shop option for those who REALLY want them.



2) New Costumes (All Classes)

New costumes have been added for all classes. You can preview them in game to see which style fits you the most!

  • Vampire Costumes (Male Classes)
  • Witchmaid Costumes (Female Classes)
  • 2017 Formal Costumes 
    • 2017 Formal V1 
    • 2017 Formal V2
    • 2017 Formal V3
    • 2017 Formal V4 



3) Alchemist Protectors & Blacksmith Protectors 

With the release of new weapons that are hard to get and to make it easier for our non-donator players, we have added a new way to get Alchemist Protectors & Blacksmith Protectors. There are now two ways (3 ways if you count D-Shop)

  1. You can exchange Alchemist & Blacksmith Protectors for Dragon Bones in the D-Exchange. Price has changed as the intended way to get them is DK Square, but we will not remove them from the D-Exchange for now. 
  2. You can exchange Alchemist & Blacksmith Protectors for PPoints with the PPoints Exchange (Lowe NPC). Note: when you go to Lowe you exchange PPoints for a "Alchemist Protector Box" or "Blacksmith Protector Box" -- just right click to open the box and get the protector. 


4) Miscellaneous

  • TeragraceMC (Azure Knight) upgrade bug fixed -- only the AK version was not fixed in the HotFix patch. 
  • Dragon Bone Exchange for Blacksmith/Alchemist proctors has been fixed. 
  • Shadowkris in Crespo Abyss have been removed from Lurile - now only on Ark/Khaleesi as intended
  • Changed some map effects in DK Square so the new weapons look even cooler when used in that map. 
  • Server maintenance and optimizations will be run while the server is down to improve game performance and latency

Edited by Riku

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