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    1v1 Overall Best Player Tournament 2020












    It's time for our yearly 1v1 Overall Best Player Tournament!
    This Tournament is only held ONCE per year and the goal of it is to find out who is the STRONGEST player on the server!



    How will it work/How to register:

    • To register please comment on this thread with the name of your character and class
    • Fights for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place will be best of 3 matches
    • All matches will be held on Lurile channel
    • You can only register 1 character!



    • 1st Place - 100,000 Dshop Coins + 1x +10 Champion Weapon + Your character name in the Hall of Fame at the center of the Colosseum Lobby
    • 2nd Place - 60,000 Dshop Coins
    • 3rd Place - 40,000 Dshop Coins






    Registration is now CLOSED



    Tournament Start Time + Countdown:




    Additional Information:

    • Depending on the amount of participants the Tournament may be hosted over 2 days instead of 1 (saturday AND sunday). If this is the case the Tournament will start at the same time Sunday as it did Saturday
    • The Champion Weapon has the exact same stats as a +10 level 200 weapon and is untradeable
    • This is NOT the yearly class vs class tournament
    • If you have further questions, please ask on Discord. Do not use this thread for anything other than registering your character for the tournament
    • We reserve the rights to make any changes to the rules, prizes etc. up until the tournament starts



    • Participants are allowed to use any type of Weapon/Skin/Costume they want to
    • If you Disconnect during your fight you will lose the match
    • There will be no rematch if either of the fighters are lagging
    • If you are late when it's your turn to fight you will lose the match
    • The Tournament is held on Lurile channel which means you won't be able to use any consumeable buffs/fish
    • If the match ends in a draw there will be another round and the staff member hosting the event is free to add rules to that match as he sees fit
    • Sleeps are not allowed in Segnale vs Segnale matchups
    • Matches will last 10 minutes
    • Have fun



    Edited by Dannyboi


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