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    Mock PvP Tournament - Registration Open!




    This is the new MOCK PVP CLASS TOURNAMENT. Again, this is a MOCK PvP Class Tournament, not the official class tournament, but it is very similar. This is just a mock-tournament to help you prepare for the official class tournament. zqqYIiE.png


    • Registration is now open: To register please comment on this thread with the name of your character, level, and class.
    • Registration deadline is June 24th



    • 1st Place - 150k D-Shop
    • 2nd Place -75k D-Shop
    • 3rd Place - 50k D-Shop
    • 4th-10th Place - 10K D-Shop

      Rewards are obtainable only if you at least play one match


    Order of classes which will be played on Friday : Segita Hunter, Segita Shooter, Incar Magician, Concerra Summoner, Aloken,Segnale
    Order of classes which will be played on Saturday (After Siege) : Seguireaper, Half Bagi, Azure Knight, Vicious Summoner, Wizard, Dragon Knight, Bagi Warrior



    Tournament Rules


    Brackets will be randomly created after registration is closes. All participants must adhere to the following rules:

    • Participants are allowed to use any type of weapon skins or costumes
    • Siege Wings are prohibited and can not be used.
    • A disconnect, unless the entire server is affected, will not result in a rematch.
    • The tournament will be held on the Lurile channel where no consumables are enabled.
    • All matches are one round except for the finals and third place.
    • Prohibited Skills:
      • Segnale: Shield Recovery, Healing Ward -- possibly moss healing if there is any draw.
    • Staff Personal Characters: Staff members are allowed to participate however will be excluded from the rankings. For example, if the finals consist of one player and one staff member, the player will automatically win, but the fight will still happen for fun.



    Tournament Date: June 25th, 2:00PM Server Time


    The tournament will start on June 25th, 2:00PM server time. You can also check the countdown below.

    NOTE: Depending on the number of applications, the tournament may extend to the next day. If so, the next day will start at the same time.





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