Velikas Weapon Skin

One of the rarest weapon skins we've added yet.

Pyrion Wings

Harness a slither of the power of Karon.

Colosseum Ranking System V2.0

Compete against other top players in Colosseum for exclusive rewards.

New Map: Shangri-La

Breathtakingly beautiful, but extremely dangerous.

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(Re)introducing the Fortnightly Helion Spawn



It's that time of the year again!

Helion has returned and hes ready to accept a challenge from anyone who deem themselves worthy!

Some of you may remember this event, but to those who are new to the server, this is how it works:

Helion is the strongest boss in the game and he drops the rare and unique Sun skin.
He only spawn on Sunday every 14 days (changed from every 7 days to 14 days to preserve the rarity of the skin).

Anyone can participate in the event since it's hosted at the teleporter in Draco Desert, however the boss itself is intended as endgame PvE/PvP content.
Additionally we added new and interesting mechanics to the bossfight.


Sun Skin Preview:


More info about the boss can be seen here:

Incarnation of Helion

The Incarnation of Helion himself. One of the 12 Incar Gods. The strongest boss in the game so far and the ultimate PvE challenge.

  • Difficulty: Extremely Hard
  • Drops:
    - 100% Chance of dropping 1x [Skin Diamond] Sun
    - 100% Chance of dropping 200m Dil
    - 100% Chance of approximately 500-625k GP each party member
  • Respawn Time:  (Check your time in the "event" channel on our discord)
  • Map: Draco Desert
  • Channel(s): Ark
  • HP: 400000000
  • Attacks:
    1) Normal fire attacks that damages the player on impact and lowers their attack speed by 80%
    2) A linear AOE attack that deals heavy fire damage to all players in a straight line and causes severe burns for 10 seconds
    3) An AOE attack that deals heavy physical damage to all players in a large area around Helion which also slows and decreases everyones defense for 8 seconds
    4) Minions. Helion will spawn Fire Fairies in the Arena at 75% and 25% HP left. These will burn any player who gets in range and they will also spawn Cores of the Sun. Cores of the Sun chases down players and hits them with debuffs that drains the players MP

    5) When Helion spawns he will create a massive explosion that will deal heavy damage to all players in a large radius.
    6) Passive Ability: Helion is one of the 12 incar Gods and is somewhat resistant to all elements and 100% immune to knockback and abnormal statuses

    7) Helion now also spawns a massive explosion at 50% HP left
    8 ) In a final attempt to survive Helion will spawn 6-10 Magimatas at 10% HP left
    9) Helion charges up power based on the number of auto attacks received and will eventually call down a row of meteos on auto attackers 

Tactics: Pray




Edited by Dannyboi

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