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[Guide]: Dragonic Items and End-Game Accessories


This guide will be split into multiple parts:

I. Obtaining and Upgrading Dragonic Items

II. Obtaining Zeig / Solon's Necklaces (Level 180 / 190)

III. Obtaining and Upgrading Teragrace Accessories (Level 190)

IV. Obtaining and Upgrading Spell Plumes (Level 140~180)

V. Obtaining Emblems

Please note that this guide is specifically aimed towards players that
have already reached level 190+ and have a decent set + weapon.

This guide will show you how to make your character even stronger after those basic steps are done.

I. Obtaining Dragonic Items and Upgrading Dragonic Items:

The three types of Dragonic Items currently available on Dekaron Rising are:

  • 9Y28LXf.jpg Dragon Scale
  • dB9T3cU.jpg Dragonic Squama and Dragonic Squama (Upgraded)
  • vjcOaJn.jpg Dragonic Lachrymae and Dragonic Lachymae (Upgraded)

You can buy all three of these items from NPC Lowe in Ardeca with PPoints. You can find her near the top of Ardeca Castle
You can farm PPoints in DKSQ (quick method) or Under Crespo (slow method)

The stats and prices of these three Dragonic Items are below.


Dragon Scales will give you better tanking ability in PVE maps such as farming Draviss for Dragon Bones, etc.
You can wear three Dragon Scales at one time!

Dragonic Squamas are the best rings for tanking damage. You cannot wear a Squama and Lachrymae at the same time, but you can switch between the two of those rings easily.

Dragonic Lachrymaes are the best rings for dealing damage.

Once you have farmed your rings, you can then upgrade them to their best stats!
You must have these rings FIRST before you can upgrade them. They are part of the requirements needed to upgrade.

To do this you must participate in Battle Royale and PTM matches. You can get to this battle server using these two NPCs.

Pro Tip: Every day you can receive a new Daily Quest for PTM and BR matches at their respective NPC. Completing the Daily Quest will grant your character with bonus P Coins and B Coins upon turning the quest!


Battle Royale and PTM matches happen only at certain times throughout the day so make sure you pay attention to the server messages that announce when BR and PTM are starting. There is another thread posted here that gives you the times of BR and PTM:

The upgraded stats of the Squama and Lachrymae are below.


You get the [P Coins] from PTM and the [B Coins] from BR.

This will take some time to farm, but do not be discouraged! These are best rings you can get on Rising and are absolutely worth the time it takes to farm.



II. Obtaining Zeig / Solon's Necklaces (Level 180 / 190):

Solon's Necklaces are the best elemental resistance necklaces you can get in Rising. They drop for each element and also give PK/PVP resistance and extra vitality. You can wear 4 of them at the same time. (However, you should only wear three of them since you will be wearing a Squama or Lachrymae in the 4th spot.)

Yes, that means these necklaces help you take more damage and deal more damage at the same time!

Currently, the only place to farm Zeig necklaces is from the Red Dragon in Arcadia. This boss only spawns on Arcane and has a 5 hour respawn timer!

This boss is marked on your map when you get to Arcadia. You can run to Arcadia from Mitera.

These necklaces can be upgraded to +9, their upgrade rates are posted at NPC Pablos in Ardeca.

(See image at the bottom of this section for a picture of the Zeig Necklace boss.)


Solon's Necklaces can be found from the Final Boss in the Ruin's of Rudene Instance Dungeon. Rudene has an 80% chance to drop a +0 Solon's Necklace. Solon's Necklaces are slightly stronger than Zeig Necklaces.






III. Obtaining and Upgrading Teragrace Accessories (Level 190):

Teragrace accessories give the highest stats than any other accessory currently in the game. They are also the only accessories that you do not have to farm with PPoints. You can farm them in Arcadia at the "Ghost Territory" map location. The area circled in yellow displays where Teragrace Belts and Teragrace Armlets drop.




Once you have farmed your accessories you can upgrade them at Pablos, Maximus, or Axion in Ardeca.

However, unlike other items accessories require you to have both Argates and Colo Argates  GqMT0Gp.jpg to upgrade them.

You can get your Colo Argates from NPC Lowe in Ardeca using PPoints.





IV. Obtaining and Upgrading Spell Plumes (Level 140~180):

Spell Plumes  cBM1IWK.png / Spell Kracions bGcOZRk.png  are the best accessories to use in your ear-ring spots.

They can only be used in the highlighted locations.


These very strong ear-rings only drop from Cherubim in the Nest of Cherubim Dungeon.

Also, the drop rate is 33%. Which means that sometimes Cherubim will not drop a Spell Plume for your raid.

You can get to the Nest of Cherubim Dungeon by entering the Instance Portal near NPC Capelia in Ardeca. Alternatively, you can access the dungeon from NPC Orz in Ardeca by teleporting to Morse Yawalai. You must be a minimum of level 190 to enter.

This dungeon takes a little under one hour to complete and requires 4 characters to start.

The dungeon is very straight-forward, but if needed I can create a guide on "How to complete Nest of Cherubim"

Once you kill Cherubim and get your Plumes you can upgrade them.


To upgrade your plumes you need to first teleport to Crack of Valley from Ardeca and then walk in the Portal immediately beside you when you spawn there to get to Rest of Admirers.

In Rest of Admirers, you will find two exchange NPCs: Luster and Kaylor.

Luster for exchanging Dark Stones TPIzjL5.jpg. (Obtained from killing Tower of Spell Bosses)
Kaylor for exchanging Mana Crystalline
53PAtJt.jpg. (Obtained from killing Tower of Spell Bosses)








V. Obtaining Emblems:

Emblems should be the last accessory you farm since they take a long time to farm. You can also buy these using dil or trading items to other players that want to sell their emblems.

Emblems can only be worn in these highlighted spaces in your inventory.
Yes, you can wear three emblems at one time!


To get these Emblems you need to visit NPC Lowe in Ardeca and buy them with PPoints.
They come in two different random-boxes so you are never guaranteed which emblem you are going to get.
The rare emblems cost slightly more than the normal emblems.
Emblems last for 365 days and the expiration timer begins once the random-box is opened.




At the time of this edit, these are the stats that emblems give.

  • +10 Str
  • +10 Spr
  • +10 Heal
  • +10 Dex

I hope this guide helps! If there is anything that isn't clear enough, simply make a comment and I will do my best to explain it.

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