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[Guide]: Angelic Soul

DKR Angelic Soul Guide


Since a lot of users have been asking me this question I decided to write this quick guide.

Before we begin, you must understand that the Angelic Soul does not drop anywhere in the game. It is the upgraded form of another item in the game called a "Noble Soul". There are two ways of farming a Noble Soul.

  • Method 1: Farming 900 Narukes and exchanging them at NPC Ishtar located at the Entrance of Egutt Desert.
  • Method 2: Killing the "Noble Leonhart" Boss located at Under Crespo (Main). -- Teleport here using the teleporter in Parca Temple.
    • 100% Drop Rate of 1 Noble Soul
    • Spawns on the channels Arcane and Lurile
    • 2 hour respawn time

Remember, you can wear up to 4 of these at the same time. Tip: Wearing 1x Squama and 3x Noble Souls for the most tankiness but least damage.

Once you have farmed your Noble Souls you can begin upgrading them.

The upgrade path is as follows:

  • Noble Soul (First and weakest version)
  • Heavenly Soul
  • Angelic Soul
  • Parca's Blurry Tear (Medium version)
  • Parca's Bright Tear
  • Parca's Shiny Tear (Final and most powerful version)

1 Noble Soul -> 1 Heavenly Soul

  • 1 Dark Stone

1 Heavenly Soul -> 1 Angelic Soul

  • 1 Mana Crystalline

You can farm Dark Stones and Mana Crystalline from the Tower of Spell Instance Party Dungeon. The NPCs required to exchange the Dark Stones and Mana Crystalline are also found outside of the dungeon. NPC Names: Luster & Kaylor.


Follow this guide for information on how to upgrade to Parca's Shiny Tear:


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